Full Kinektic Line-Up: 2 ADCC Champs Set to Appear

UFC Fight Pass recently announced a new team grappling event called Kinektic set to air on 16th August 2019. The first team announced was BJJ Fanatics, but today the entire line-up was released and it features some interesting names.

Team BJJ Fanatics

  • Craig Jones
  • Nick Rodriguez
  • Edwin Najmi
  • Jake Shields
  • Lachlan Giles

By far the best team on the bill is BJJ Fanatics and they feature some of the best active grapplers in the world right now. Craig Jones, Edwin Najimi, Jake Shields, Lachlan Giles and Nick Rodriguez are all elite nogi specialists and they have to be considered the heavy favorites.

Team Lights Out

  • Chris Lytle
  • Ricco Rodriguez
  • Joe Riggs
  • Munch Khera
  • Will Weed

In Munch and Rodriguez, Team Lights out have quality, but unfortunately Ricco’s best days are behind him and the rest of the squad are a level below the BJJ Fanatics team.

Team SUG

  • Gabriel Barbosa Checco
  • Rafael Domingos
  • Vinny Magalhaes
  • Ronny Markes
  • Alexandre Almeida

Chael Sonnen’s team doesn’t feature Chael Sonnen weirdly enough, but it’s a decent team nonetheless. Magalhaes’ resume speaks for itself and Domingos is a great grappler. This team will likely make the finals.

Team Lionheart

  • Enrico Cocco
  • Brian Sparrow
  • Joe Warren
  • James Brasco
  • Scott Morton

This is a decent team and Cocco has a lot of experience competing at the highest level. Through Joe Warren and the rest of the team, there’s also a lot of experience on display throughout.

All in all this isn’t a bad line-up for their first show, but I hope Kinektic try to recruit more balanced teams for future iterations.


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