Full match video: Jansen Gomes ends Tainan Dalpra’s undefeated IBJJF streak

Watch Jansen Gomes defeat Tainan Dalpra in the final of the middleweight division at the 2023 IBJJF Worlds.

Checkmat black belt Jansen Gomes enjoyed arguably the biggest, most impressive performance of any competitor at the 2023 IBJJF Worlds, which took place over the weekend in Long Beach, California.

In the final of the middleweight division, Gomes earned a hard-fought victory over reigning two-time world champion Tainan Dalpra, handing the Art of Jiu-Jitsu standout his first-ever defeat in IBJJF competition at the black belt level. Dalpra had won 60 consecutive matches, including two black belt world titles, before losing to Gomes.

FloGrappling has released the entire match between Gomes and Dalpra for free on YouTube.

Gomes started aggressively, swarming Dalpra with a near back-take to earn two advantages in the first 90 seconds of the contest.

And while Gomes displayed an explosive, high-flying style throughout the tournament, it was his patient and methodical approach that allowed him to safely escape Dalpra’s vaunted single-leg x-guard through the middle of the match. Once out of that position, Gomes remained aggressive to force Dalpra on the defensive. And in the final seconds, Gomes successfully avoided late sweep attempts to capture the win on advantages 2-0.

His victory over Dalpra wasn’t Gomes’ only thrilling victory of the weekend. Earlier in the day, he defeated reigning 2022 world champion Tye Ruotolo in a high-paced, back-and-forth encounter that may have been the most entertaining clash of the event.

Still less than two years into his black belt career, Gomes is now a one-time world champion in addition to his 2023 European Open title.

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