Full Match Video: Watch Andrew Wiltse Submit David Garmo at WNO

Andrew Wiltse is one of the most exciting recent additions to the elite black belt competition scene. At the most recent Who’s Number One (WNO) on April 30, Wiltse put on one of the most impressive performances of his black belt career when he submitted veteran competitor David Garmo. FloGrappling has now released for free the entire Wiltse vs. Garmo match.

Although Garmo is a dangerous and experienced competitor, this match quickly turned into a showcase for Wiltse’s broad set of skills. After sitting guard, Wiltse constantly threatened sweeps from his hyper-aggressive open guard. Eventually, he was able to sweep Garmo with a classic butterfly sweep. Wiltse then moved to Garmo’s back where he trapped an arm and sunk in a one-handed rear-naked choke for the finish.

Andrew Wiltse is a black belt under Heath Pedigo and represents Pedigo Submission Fighting AKA Daisy Fresh. He was a 2020 no-gi Pans champion, and already in 2021 has secured wins over Garmo and 10th Planet standout PJ Barch. Both of those matches took place at WNO events.

Ben Coate

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