Get Any One of Bernardo Faria’s Instructionals for Free

Bernardo Faria, the owner and front man of BJJ Fanatics, is giving away any one of instructional videos for the limited-time price of completely free. Just enter the promo code “FARIAFREE21” and start learning.

More than just one of the most likeable characters in jiu-jitsu, Faria is also an incredibly accomplished competitor and one of the sport’s most sought after instructors. He is a multiple-time IBJJF world, pan, and European champion and is one of the best-ever super-heavyweight grapplers in the gi. His half guard game and over-under passing greatly impacted the evolution of the BJJ metagame over the course of the past ten years.

With the promo code, customers can choose from a number of Faria’s instructionals. Faria offers two guard passing instructionals that highlight Faria’s trademark over-under passing. Additionally, the site has “Battle Tested Half Guard” and “The No Gi Half Guard” from Faria, so customers can learn all aspects of one of Faria’s favored positions.

Beyond guard passing and half guard, Faria’s instructionals run the gamut. Also available are instructionals covering the mount, side control, omoplatas, closed guard, high percentage submissions, escapes, back-takes, the competition mindset, transitions, and even foundations and an “introduction to BJJ.”

With the free promo code, there’s really no excuse to not grab a fresh instructional from Faria. Watch, learn, and go train.

Ben Coate

Ben has been involved with grappling, whether through wrestling or Brazilian jiu-jitsu, essentially his entire life. After wrestling throughout his childhood, Ben found Brazilian jiu-jitsu as a young adult and quickly fell in love. He has been training for over ten years and currently holds the rank of brown belt, and remains involved in both the MMA and BJJ scene. Ben has been writing about combat sports since 2017. He has interviewed and profiled some of MMA's biggest stars, including multiple UFC champions.

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