Gi Review: Kingz Comp 450 V5

Whilst on the never ending search for the comfiest gi I decided to give the “Kingz” brand a go, and I’m definitely glad I did. Kingz have been in the game since 2011, and seem to be going from strength to strength as a brand. This is in part due to their clean aesthetic and premium feel. I chose the Comp 450 v5 as the subject of this gi review.

Having tried many other gis I found they either fit weirdly, or were too stiff, heavy, and awkward to be comfortable in. I was looking for something that both fit true to size and had a bit of “extra” to it. What I mean by extra is a little style, and some attention to detail. The Comp 450 delivers in that department. The embroidery is clean and has detailing on the inner lining and outer shoulders, back, and on the pants.

But enough about the aesthetics, let’s talk about how this gi actually performs. I find it to be very comfortable and easy to move in. The lapels are rugged and sturdy while maintaining a lightweight competition feel which is definitely desirable.

Overall Its been a pleasure rolling in this gi and Its fastly become my most worn in my collection. If you are in the market for a competition gi, or even just a daily beater gi, I cant recommend the Comp 450 enough.

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