Gordon Ryan and Craig Jones COVID-19 Positive?

Unfortunate news has hit the jiu jitsu world. Gordon Ryan and Craig Jones are suffering from COVID-like symptoms. The situation was revealed earlier on a Flograppling instagram post. This is bad news for the upcoming July 31 Who’s Number One event. Both Gordon Ryan and Craig Jones will be unable to compete at WNO. Fortunately, Garry Tonon and Dante Leon are COVID free and will be take over the main event spotlight. As Tonon is, arguably, the most exciting competitor in the sport the fans will not be left high and dry.

Soon after this development came to light Craig Jones posted on Instagram that he was out of the event. Gordon has yet to make an official announcement regarding his current health situation. However, via the Flograppling instagram post one can infer Ryan exhibits similar symptoms as Jones. The news of Gordon and Craig, potentially, having COVID-19 hits the card particularly hard as they were the main events.

It is easy to understand how both Gordon Ryan and Craig Jones caught COVID-19. They have been two of the most active competitors since COVID-19 became a part of our daily lives.

Gordon had been vocal about his opinion against taking overly restrictive measures regarding COVID-19. It will be interesting to see what he has to say now that his personal story in the ongoing COVID-19 saga has taken center stage.

Craig Jones has not been vocal about his views on COVID-19. However, he has not acted overly concerned as he has competed all over the world since the outbreak. In spite of his current health concerns Jones seems cool, calm and collected on his post.

Gordon Ryan & Craig Jones out – Who could substitute them?

The match makers at WNO have not yet revealed who is replacing Ryan and Jones in their respective bouts. There are two logical candidates whom could fill in for Gordon or Craig though. Both Manuel Ribamar and Xande Ribeiro moved to Austin recently and both fight in similar weight classes as Craig and Gordon respectively. Grappling Insider will be sure to keep our readers up to date on any and all updates regarding this developing situation.



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