Gordon Ryan Beefs With Gustavo Batista, Offers Crazy Match Conditions

Just a day before his match with Roberto Jimenez, Gordon Ryan spent hours engaged in an internet beef with black belt world champion Gustavo Batista. Among other conditions, Ryan offered to grapple Batista in a no-gi match with Batista starting in top mount.

Things kicked off with Batista talking a little trash. Ryan, of course, couldn’t let this comment go unanswered.

Ryan would reiterate his offer to start in bottom mount a few more times, and would gradually add more conditions, like paying Batista $5,000 or a month’s rent if he beats Ryan in a no-gi match. And in typical Gordon Ryan fashion, he took the opportunity to pick apart Batista’s accomplishments, noting his relatively low submission rate.

For his part, Batista fired back. Because he’s exclusively a gi competitor while Ryan is a no-gi competitor, Batista offered to grapple Ryan in no-gi if Ryan agrees to grapple Batista in the gi that same night.

Here’s the full back and forth between Ryan and Batista.

Will this match happen, or is it just another internet beef that we can forget about a day later? There seems to be legitimate beef between Ryan and Batista, but that’s nothing new for the outspoken Ryan. The problem here is that neither man is likely to agree to a match in each other’s respective style (gi or no-gi). That said, crazier things have happened, and Batista appears willing to accept a no-gi match under the condition that the pair also grapple in the gi.

Ben Coate

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