Gordon Ryan Issues Statement to Team Atos: ‘I will never respect you unethical clowns’

Following the backstage chaos and slap heard around the world at Who’s Number One, Gordon Ryan issued a scathing statement calling out Andre Galvao and key members of Team Atos. The statement covers topics ranging from the genesis of Ryan’s beef with Galvao to Keenan Cornelius’ falling-out with Galvao, and everything in between.

Read the statement in its entirety below (scroll to the right).

This much is clear: the slap at Who’s Number One didn’t do anything but fuel the feud between Ryan and Team Atos. The statement makes mention of Atos representatives Kaynan Duarte and Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa, two elite black belt competitors that have never shied away from beefing with Ryan.

Ryan also wrote about Cornelius’ separation from Team Atos. One of the best American black belt competitors of his generation, Cornelius left Team Atos in 2019 and opened his own academy, Legion American Jiu-Jitsu, shortly thereafter.

Ryan defeated Roberto Jimenez at Who’s Number One on February 26 but made more waves by confronting Galvao backstage, slapping him. One of Galvao’s top students, Ronaldo Junior, competed in the evening’s main event. He lost by submission to Ryan’s teammate Craig Jones.

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