Gordon Ryan Signs Six-Figure Contract With 3CG

Gordon Ryan was eager to reveal that he has signed BJJ’s first publicly known six-figure contract with Third Coast Grappling (3CG). The contract is for $100,000 across five fights for the promotion and is not an exclusive contract, meaning that Ryan is free to compete wherever else he chooses during this time. Shortly after his announcement, 3CG’s leader Ryan Mcguire confirmed that the contract was signed and that it’s the most that the Texas-based promotion are offering competitors.

Gordon Ryan has already competed under the 3CG banner and made a splash doing so when he beat NCAA star, Bo Nickal under a hybrid ruleset. He’s also set to compete alongside his teammate, Nick Rodriguez, at Third Coast Grappling 4 on March 14th when he takes on Patrick Gaudio in a rematch.

Gordon Ryan On Signing

“I can see the haters punching the air from here. 5 non exclusive matches with a $20k base pay and big match negotiations from there up. Third Coast Grappling has been good to me. I have tried my absolute best to bring them (and the fans) exciting content both on and off the mat and March 14th will be no different when i spank Gaudio. In fact, competing isn’t even too much of a concern for me anymore. Everyone fucking knows im gonna win. Whats important to me now is doing the EXACT same moves in competition against the worlds best that I show you all in instructionals on BJJ Fanatics.”

“I believe its important to show moves THAT ACTUALLY WORK AGAINST HIGHLY TALENTED, HIGHLY RESISTING OPPONENTS… NOT BLUE BELTS. This I believe is the fundamental difference in the way that I teach vs how others teach. Everything I teach I actually do against the best in the world on a consistent basis. Side note- how do you wanna see me submit Gaudio on the 14th???? I haven’t made up my mind yet so post a comment below.”

This announcement confirms the recent news that Gordon Ryan’s retirement is already over and it was indeed a short-lived one. Moreover, it also seems to indicate that Ryan might not be planning on making his MMA debut any time soon as he’ll be busy with grappling for the foreseeable future. Ryan McGuire also weighed in on the news almost immediately after and praised Ryan’s divisive promotional tactics.

Ryan Mcguire on Gordon Ryan Signing

“Here at 3CG we like to hitch our wagons to winners. Through the past couple years Gordon Ryan has won everything and elevated the sport to levels it hasnt seen before. His own brand of promoting and in your fae tactics have greatly divided his fan base where is you either love him so you tune in, or you hate him and tune in to hopefully watch him lose. Whatever the scenario, Gordon makes people tune in which is why we made this deal and locked in multiple fights we want to see happen in 2020. Thid will be non exclusive and he will be free to fight elsewhere, we just were able to get certain things we wanted and he got certain things he wanted outside of the monetary. In the end its great for both parties and the sport. Catch Gordon vs Gaudio LIVE March 14th only on Flograppling.”

For tickets to Third Coast Grappling 4: Ryan v Gaudio on March 14th, click here.

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