Gordon Ryan Wants To Open New Gym To Teach BJJ To Law Enforcement

Gordon Ryan has just announced that he hopes to eventually open up a new BJJ gym in North Jersey, even suggesting some locations like Fairfield, Montclair, or the Caldwell area. This started from Ryan wanting to teach BJJ to law enforcement in his local area and after buying a brand new house with the earnings from his stellar BJJ career, it seems like a brand new gym might be next on his agenda.

While these might seem like some crazy moves to the average person, it’s worth remembering that not only did Gordon Ryan win both his weight and the Absolute division at submission grappling’s most prestigious tournament, ADCC 2019, but he also became the first athlete to publicly sign a six-figure contract last year, and that was with just ONE promotion.

The announcement came courtesy of Gordon Ryan’s official Instagram page:

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???? Would you sign up ?

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In fairness to Gordon Ryan, when you’re pretty widely regarded as the greatest No Gi grappler of all time, there isn’t anywhere near as much risk in opening a new gym as what your average black belt takes on when opening up for the first time. Just look at Keenan Cornelius and the quick turnaround between him leaving ATOS and opening his new gym, Legion Jiu-Jitsu in San Diego, California.

One thing is for sure, if Gordon Ryan gets his wish and manages to open up a new gym in North Jersey, he’ll have people from all across the world coming to him to learn Jiu-Jitsu, just like Renzo Gracie Academy New York City gets now.

Alex Lindsey

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