Grace Gundrum submits 3X world champ, Pati Fontes. (Play-By-Play)

Grace Gundrum continues to impress after her Submission Of The Night win over 3X world champ Pati Fontes tonight (Oct 23) at Fight 2 Win 155. Gundrum dominated the match from the beginning and proved she deserves to be on the same stage as the best in the sport. She had a lot riding on this bout after being awarded her black belt this summer by 10th Planet. Gundrum represented her team well by finishing Fontes with a submission (The Dead Orchard) that is named after fellow 10th Planet black belt Nathan Orchard.

If you haven’t read our article this week about Gundrum’s thoughts going into this match you can read it here.

Gundrum vs Fontes play by play.

Gundrum immediately sits to her butt and Fontes follows her to the ground. Gundrum is looking for arm control from a butterfly guard as Fontes looks for angles for a pass. Gundrum briefly pulls into a half guard but then transitioned to full guard. Fontes is doing a good job of keeping her hands off the mat so that Gundrum cant isolate an arm. 

Gundrum is beginning to work a high guard. Fontes is trying to tripod and drive her head into Gundrum’s face but Gundrum finally isolates an arm. Now she has locked in a dead orchard choke. Fontes stands and lifts Gundrum, then slams her. Gundrum remains in control and hooks the leg so that Fontes’ slams do not have power. Fontes tries to slam a couple of more times to no avail. 

Fontes is really in trouble. She sits to her butt and hooks one leg over Gundrum. This allows Gundrum to establish a mounted dead orchard. Gundrum is working an arm bar without changing her leg position and rolls to her back for better leverage.

Fontes is back to her feet but it is not looking good for her. Gundrum extends the arm and gets the tap in under three minutes. She’s crowned the flyweight champion of F2W.

Other matches.

In the co-main event of the night, Devhonte Johnson defeated Vinicius “Trator” Ferreira after the two had a tough time getting the upper hand on each other. Johnsons’ aggression gave him the nod in the judges’ eyes.

Also on the card was Jake Watson vs Matheus Luna. Luna was a last minute replacement for Rafael Lovato Jr. But this was probably a match Watson wanted because Luna recently beat Watson at Pans by an advantage point. Watson successfully avenged his loss tonight and won a decision.

Watson also talked to us this week about his losses at Pans and what he was looking to do tonight at F2W 155. You can read it here.

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