GrappleFest 4 Results: Craig Jones, Lachlan Giles Victorious

It was a good night for Absolute MMA at Figure 4 Promotions: GrappleFest 4 as both Craig Jones and Lachlan Giles were able to secure submission victories. Ffion Davies took the win over Christine Martin via rear naked choke, and Lloyd Cooper earned his victory via straight foot lock over Gregor Strakl.

Full results below:

Co-Main Events:

Craig Jones def. Gabriel Arges (rear naked choke)

Lachlan Giles def Bradley Hill (outside heel hook)

Main Card:

Ffion Davies (ECJJ) def. Christine Martin (GB) u65kgs (RNC)

Freddie Vosgrone (Carlson Gracie) def. Ash Amos (Tillery Combat) u100kgs (inside heel hook)

Lloyd Cooper (Combat Base) def. Gregor Strakl (10th Planet) u80kgs (straight foot lock)

Sean McDonagh (GB) def. Marcus Phelan (ECJJ) u80kgs (armbar)

Eoghan O’Flanaghan (NSBJJ) def. Chris Walsh (Next Gen) u80kgs (outside heel hook)

Izaak Michell (Arruda Team) def. Nathan Dunne (Next Gen) u70kgs (inside heel hook)

Nick Forrer (NFMS) def. James Orr (Scramble Academy) u90kgs (RNC)

Jamie Hughes (Pedro Bessa) def. Ian Jones (Combat Base) u100kgs (decision)

Brian Fitzgibbon (Sukata) def. Jack Rimmer (Next Gen) u32kgs kids (kimura)

Jordan Cooper (NEJJ) def. Ciaran Brohan (T45) u70kgs (decision)

Preliminary Card

Lee Simpson (Sukata) def. Chris Regan (GB) u90kgs (inside heel hook)

Neil Atkins (Sukata) def. Higo Gomez (IMBJJ) u70kgs (decision)

Adam Ellis (ARBJJ) def. Paul Webb (Next Gen) over 100kgs (decision)

Kev Corkhill (LBJJ) def. Nick Fielding (IMBJJ) u70kgs (inside heel hook)

Dan Hope (GripHouse) def. Kenny Richardson (FF) u90kgs (decision)

Brad McDonagh (Sukata) def. Kaiyn McKnight (Next Gen) u30kgs kids (RNC)

Josh Cherington (Bedlam) def. Tom Barry (CRA) u80kgs (outside heel hook)

Ben Hills (Next Gen) def. Jamie Shattock (Sukata) u90kgs (guillotine)

Igor Puskarkis (ASW) def. Mateusz Urbanek (Factory) u90kgs (guillotine)

Aaron Jordan (Next Gen) def. Andrew Hardwick (Sukata)  u80kgs (armbar)

Hannah Garrett (ASW) def. Georgia Doe (CEA) u60kgs (armbar)

Shea Williams (Next Gen) def. Elliot Cole (CSA) u30kgs kids (decision)

Nathan Kay (10thP) def. Ollie Bates (Combat Base) u70kgs (decision)

Finn Carey (Tillery Combat) def. Tyreeze Cunliffe (Aspinall) juniors u70kgs (outside heel hook)

Mike Reay (GB) def. Ste Bowie (Combat Base) u70kgs (decision)

David Graham (SBG) def. Jon Paton (Sukata) u100kgs (decision)

Chris Nicol (Aberdeen Combat Centre) def. Sean Macguiness (Scramble Academy) u70kgs (decision)

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