Grappler’s guide to looking after your neck

In this video by preeminent combat sports injury expert Rosi Sexton, she deals with a sensation common with a lot of grapplers: numbness in the fingers.

Rosi, a BJJ black belt and former UFC fighter, is the owner of the Combat Sports Clinic and a specialist in reducing BJJ neck pain. While Rosi advocates for athletes to seek official diagnosis of injuries causing BJJ neck pain, in the video she lists muscle tightness around the neck as a common cause of the numbness phenomenon.

Rosi prescribes a number of stretches and exercises to get your neck issues back on track. Given the complexity of neck injuries, there is no one size fits all route to rehabilitation however. If your injuries continue to hamper your training experience, you should book an appointment with a sports physiotherapist or osteopath.

For further help with you BJJ neck pain, check out the Combat Sports Clinic’s Neck Strength Master Class.

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Looking for help with a BJJ injury? Book an online video consultation with BJJ black belt and osteopath Rosi Sexton.


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