Headlining Polaris Squads In Non-Title Superfight: Ffion Davies vs. Magdalena Loska

Ffion Davies Vs Madgalena Loska headlining at Polaris Sqauds

Announced Sunday, Polaris champion Ffion Davies is set to headline Polaris Squads with Magdalena Loska on Sept. 27. The match between the two female fighters will take place as a non-title super fight.

Davies is a popular, well-respected fighter on the BJJ scene, even more so after her 2019 performance at Polaris 9 — which led to her becoming Polaris’ first female world champion. The Welsh wonder most recently fought on Grapplefest9 against Tayana Porfirio, and although Davies didn’t take home the win she had a close fight considering the size difference, and the match came down to a close decision. Davies is also a black belt in Judo as well as BJJ and is the 2019 and 2020 European champ, and 2018 World No Gi champ, making her incredibly tough competition. She’s one of the best female BJJ competitors out there.

Loska is also an elite BJJ fighter, fierce competitor and multi-medalist from Poland. However, they both fought at the 2020 European BJJ championships in May, and Davies came out on top securing double gold, while Loska lost on points to Laura Baker.

They’re both great fighters, but I think Loska has a challenging fight on her hands with Davies. Both will fight hard to make sure their next one is a win, which should make for an interesting fight for sure. Is Davies going to keep her Polaris crown?

The 2020 Polaris Squad Teams

Alongside the headliners, Polaris Squads will also consist of teams of eight talented grapplers from the UK and Ireland, and eight more from the rest of Europe. The teams have been announced for the Polaris Squads and fighting for Team UK and Ireland are: Jed Hue, Ashley Williams, Bradley Hill, Taylor Pearman, Dominic Dillon, Tom Halpin, Kieran Davern and Darragh O’Conaill. Fighting for Team Europe are: Mateusz Szczecinski, Tommi Pulkkanen, Kamil Wilk, Dinu Bucalet, Eduardo Teta Rios, Tarik Hopstock, Marcin Held and Santeri Lilius.

Teak UK and Ireland Polaris Squads 2020
Team Europe Polaris Squads 2020

The full event will be streamed live on Sept. 27th on UFC FightPass, click here to subscribe and watch.

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