High Rollerz: Cops Vs Stonerz – 18 September!

The dopest martial art tournament in the world, High Rollerz, has come back for its seventh edition, taking place soon on 18 September with a special ‘Cops Vs Stonerz’ event, and a middleweight super championship bout between Mitch Aguilar (Team Cops) and Jake Shields (Team Stonerz) being the main event. Providing commentary for the night will be Renato Laranja and Tom Natt with special guest commentators: 3rd Degree Black Belt Robert Drysdale and UFC champ, Jorge Masvidal. The tournament will be held in Las Vegas and can be watched on Bare Knuckle TV on September 18th at 7pm PST. You can watch live on the BKTV app or purchase tickets here.

Marijuana is now legal for adults in 18 states of the U.S and medical marijuana is legal in 37; the progression of cannabis in the U.S. is what has allowed such an event as a grapple battle between ‘Cops Vs Stonerz’ to take place, and boy are we grateful.

High Rollerz is also partnering with Adopt A Cop BJJ — a nonprofit organization that pays the academy fees for police officers looking to learn jiu-jitsu. ‘Stoned’ competitors will compete just as if it’s a typical High Rollerz event, openly smoking immediately before stepping on the mat. Those stoned competitors will then face sober, active police officers in jiu-jitsu matches under the EBI ruleset.


@hrbjj – “Here’s your main match folks! The captain of Team Cops vs the captain of Team Stonerz battling it out for our Middleweight Super Champ belt!🚨 vs 💨
We are exited to have @mitch_aguiar2 compete with us who is a pro mma fighter, a former Navy Seal and the founder of our show’s charity partner @adoptacopbjj! We are always pumped to have the MMA OG and our current Middleweight Super Champ @jakeshields compete with us in this fun match!
For those watching you will have the pleasure of enjoying commentation and announcing by the awesome @renato_laranja and @nuttjon and we are all in for a treat as the man himself @gamebredfighter will be a Special Guest Commentator for a few matches as well. We will be announcing our second commentator soon 👊
Secure your tickets at the link in our bio for Cops vs Stonerz this coming Saturday night at 7 pm PST at our HQ 👊
This event is in support of @adoptacopbjj 🥋
Visit our official dispensary partner while in Las Vegas @jardin_lasvegas 🔥
Watch the show Saturday night on September 18th at 7 pm PST on @bareknuckle.tv 📺
Thank you to our sponsors: @jardin_lasvegas @drdabber @jars_life @vibespapers @cookiessf @thekhalifakush @gameupnutrition
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