How to Prepare For Your First BJJ Class

Deciding to start BJJ is a great choice and by signing up for a trial class, you’ve made a positive decision for your life. Through BJJ you will make new friends, learn new skills and get in great shape (as long as you don’t skip those warm-ups). While you’ve made a positive choice, if you’re reading this you’re probably nervous about your first BJJ class, but don’t worry here are some tips to help you out:

What to Wear

The most common question I get from prospective students is “what do I wear” and honestly this will vary from school to school. Most gi schools will have loaner gis, but the best advice I can recommend is just wearing some sport shorts and a t shirt. I know you might be tempted to buy a nice rash guard or an expensive gi, but please take your first BJJ class before spending lots of money.

I recommend gum shields to most new people too, not because your training partners are going to try break your teeth, but because as a newbie you’re more at risk of accidentally going face first into someones knee or elbow while trying a move.

Personal Hygiene

This one is especially important. Don’t be the smelly guy/girl. You would be amazed how often people forget basic hygiene before coming to class. Make sure you’re wearing deodorant. Make sure you’ve showered that day and brushed your teeth. Pro tip: try not to eat especially pungent foods for lunch on the day of your first class.

Cut your toenails and your fingernails. If you have any cuts or open wounds, make sure they’re well bandaged and covered up before you get anywhere near the mats.


Listening is the key to learning, so listen to your instructor and you’ll already be on the right path. If you do any positional sparring or rolling try to ignore the adrenaline coursing through your veins. Using all your strength will not help you and increases the chances you’ll injure your self or your training partner. If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t try random things with all your strength.

If you have any other questions ask your instructors. Your first BJJ class will be a fun experience. Take it easy and enjoy the start of your BJJ journey.

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