IBJJF Responds Following European Masters Debacle

The IBJJF European Masters were an unmitigated disaster. By all accounts the tournament was unorganized, unsanitary and had no warm up areas.

Our very own John A. Murray chronicled his experience in a recent article, but he is not alone. Numerous people were left with the choice of missing flights or missing their matches as the tournament ran 5 hours behind schedule.

To make matters worse there were limited working toilets, which left athletes completely distracted before one of the biggest tournaments on the world circuit.

One prominent athlete was forced with the choice between getting another hotel room and rearranging his flights to make his matches, but he choose to go home and complained to the IBJJF, who offered this response:

While the IBJJF are right to refund the athletes competition fee, it would be nice to see them offer something in the way of compensation, perhaps free entry next year?


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