IBJJF Suspends Registration To Masters International Europe Championship Due To Coronavirus

The IBJJF has decided to suspend all registrations for the upcoming Masters International Europe Championship in Barcelona due to local government advice regarding the recent Coronavirus outbreak. The first event to fall victim the reaction to the potential for a Coronavirus pandemic was ADCC Mongolia back in January and while that seemed unusual at the time, it’s now becoming practically commonplace.

Within a month or so of that news, The UAEJJF announced that they would be postponing all future events until further notice. Then almost immediately after this, Third Coast Grappling became the first American promotion effected when they made the decision to suspend any out-of-state fighters from travelling to the event and stripped their fourth event down to local matches. Now that the largest promotional organisation in BJJ, the IBJJF, has started to be effected by Coronavirus precautionary measures it could just be a matter of time before IBJJF events are cancelled altogether.

As per the IBJJF official website:

In face of the precautionary measures taken by the local governments due to the concerns of the Coronavirus outbreak, we have temporarily closed the registration for the tournament while we wait for further information from the local government. We are monitoring the situation and will keep you informed. If you would prefer to withdraw and receive a refund, please email ibjjf@ibjjf.com by the Athlete Correction Deadline (April 25th, 2020).”

In the eventuality that the tournament does still take place, all athletes and spectators who do attend would still be advised to practice the strictest hygiene standards.

We were fortunate enough to get an insider’s perspective on what it’s like to be training in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, click here to find out more.

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