John Danaher Describes The First Time He Was Choked Out

After a certain length of time training, almost every BJJ practitioner has been choked out at least once and it turns out that John Danaher is no exception. The founder and namesake of the Danaher Death Squad and head coach at Renzo Gracie New York is known for producing students that have exceptional back-taking abilities and he often talks about his preference for taking the back and finishing with a choke above all else, regardless of his team’s success with leg attacks in the past.

Faria mentions at the beginning of the video that the pair are together because they were filming the latest of a series of instructionals that BJJ Fanatics has been releasing lately, this next one due to be on breaking down the turtle and strangles. This is what led John Danaher to giving him a pretty funny story about the first time that he was choked out in BJJ. His latest instructional comes after he released a one-off exception to the series dealing specifically with solo drills in order to give something back to the BJJ community in light of the recent Coronavirus pandemic.

It’s especially nice to hear that Danaher has fallen victim to all the same mistakes as everyone considering that his protege and undisputed greatest No Gi grappler on the planet right now, Gordon Ryan praised Danaher as still being technically superior to him.

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John Danaher Coronavirus Lockdown

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