Kasai Pro 6: Live Results, Discussion and Play By Play

Join us today (Saturday, 17th) for live updates of Kasai Pro 6 from Atlantic City, New Jersey. This event follows on the heels of a massively exciting KASAI pro 5, which saw incredible upsets in the form of Aaron “Tex” Johnson submitting ADCC open weight champion Felipe Pena with a heel hook from 50/50, and Kaynan Duarte winning the Heavyweight Grand Prix, beating Craig Jones with a tight short choke from the back.

Kasai Pro 6 features a bantamweight tournament featuring Geo Martinez and Jon Calestine. Also on the card is an array of super fights including a match between Tom DeBlass and Nick Caggia and a big fight between Josh Hinger and Matheus Diniz.

Fresh off 3 hours sleep following our event coverage of Kinektic last night I will be with you talking about the fights unless I fall asleep. Lets get into it!


Match 1- Lydia Coleman vs Chloe McNally

We’re off with two purple belts and we’ll keep the updates of these matches brief. McNally pulls guard and settles on the bottom. Coleman is looking for longstep passes. Chloe McNally scores a sweep and consolidates position before threatening with a darce.

Coleman escapes well and scrambles to her feet before McNally immediately pulls guard again. Coleman desperately tries to pass but she can’t and the time runs out.

Chloe McNally wins 2-0

Match 2 Steven Ramos vs Chris Martin

Ramos scores a take down and a pass within the first 20 seconds. Locks a kimura grip and spins to a baratoplata to take home the $1000 bonus.

Steven Ramos wins via Baratoplata

Match 3 David Brennan vs Aaron Harris

Quick and easy.. within 20 seconds Aaron Harris finishes with the heelhook.

Aaron Harris wins via heelhook

Match 4 Grace Gundrum vs Gabby Etzel

Etzel pulls guard and looks to attack the legs. Etzel goes double outside ashi, but Gundrum uses it to threaten a back take. Etzel recovers and we’re back to the guard with Gundrum working hard to pass. Gundrum gets the pass, works to mount and works a marcellotine until Etzel taps.

Grace Gundrum via guillotine.

Match 5 Lucas Protasio vs Jeferson Guaresi 

Protasio lands a big take down and scores 2 points and attempts a cartwheel pass. Guaresi stands up to look for the take down and he nearly pushes Protasio off the mat the ref awards him 1 point for the near takedown.

Guaresi lands a takedown but immediately get swept and againthey nearly go off the mat. Both fighters are awarded 1 point each. It’s 3-2 and nearly over. Protasio scores his own near takedown and he’s 4-2 up now and it is all over.

Protasio wins 4-2

Match 6 Izaak Michell vs Italo Moura

Moura immediately pulls guard and tries to attack from some reverse de la riva guard. Moura scores a beautiful sweep but we’ll trying to secure the position Michell finds a strong entry into 50/50 but he can’t get any attacks off.

Back to Michell looking for a standing pass while Moura plays rdlr some more. Moura is 4-0 up so Michell to score badly and he does as he lands a take down when Moura stands. It’s 4-2 with 30 seconds left and it seems like he has run out of time. Moura scores another sweep on the agressive Michell and times up.

Moura wins 6-2

Match 7 Nakapan Phungephorn vs Daniel Tavares

This match starts with some grip exchanges on the feet Phungephorn scores a point for a near takedown off a trip. 4 minutes on the feet with no take downs both guys are struggling to get off any offense.

Phungephorn gets given 3 penalties and now Tavares is now in the lead and it’s 3-2. The final minute of this match has made up for the first 5.

Daniel Tavares wins 4-2

Match 8 Marcelo Mattos vs Marcio Bittencourt

Marcelo Mattos hits a jumping guard pull and as Bittencourt tries a standing pass, Mattos threatens with a triangle, but Bittencourt gets his second arm back in.

This is a war of attrition from the closed guard and it seems like neither fighter can get anything off. Bittencourt sits back for a heelhook and they end up rolling off the mat. The referee gives him 2 points and he immediately gets another 2 off the reset.

Bittencourt wins 4-0

Match 9 Athos Miranda vs Garret Lavaggi

Here’s a match between a Tom DeBlass black belt and a Marcelo Garcia black belt. Miranda sits to guard after a stagnant period, Miranda plays some z guard and Lavaggi goes for a rolling kimura but ends up being swept in the process and loses 2 points.

Lavaggi attacks from seated guard, but Miranda passes and takes the back immediately. Miranda is searching for the rnc with a minute left. Miranda is 7-0 with just 30 seconds left and it looks like he has secured the victory. Miranda still looks for the finish, but the time runs out.

Mirand wins 7 – 0

Match 10 Fiona Watson vs Yaz Almonte

Watson sits guard and gets to closed guard quickly. Watson hits a situp sweep from closed guard and she gets the points for the mount. She gets caught in quarter guard and scores repass and mount points again. Watson is 13-0 now. Fiona Watson sits through for a triangle from mount and it’s super close after a lot of readjusting she finally switches to the belly down armbar and gets the tap

Fiona Watson wins via armbar

Match 11 Tim Williams vs Michael Wilcox

Wilcox hits a beautiful inside trip from a snap down and gets two points. Wilcox seems to be much larger and stronger than Williams. Williams recovers to z guard, but Wilcox immediately pushes his knee shield down.

Wilcox goes mounted guillotine but they roll of the stage and Wilcox looks to have hit his head. Wilcox is 4-0 up. Williams almost gets the back but Wilcox flees the stage and gets two points awarded against him for fleeing. Williams immediately scores a throw and it’s 4-4. Wilcox scores 2 points int last second and wins.

Wilcox wins 6-4

Match 12 Nick Ronan vs William Tackett

Tackett scores 2 points early. Unfortunately we’ve had a stream freeze but it appears Tackett has been dominant. Tackett is 9-0 and has Ronan’s back with 20 seconds left.

Tackett wins 9-0

Main Card

Round Robin Bantamweight Tournament

3 points for a submission

2 points for a decision

1 point for a draw

Group A

  • Ashley Williams
  • Joao Miyao 
  • Rafael “Barata” Freitas
  • Richard Alarcon

Match 1 – Richard Alarcon vs. Joao Miyao

The big favorite is up first lets see how this one goes. Alarcon scores a point for a near take down and soon after lands a full take down and he is 3-0 up.Miyao inverts and gets a sweep but Alarcon gets a point for a submission attempt in the process. Miyao passes, takes the back and all of a sudden it is 9-4 Miyao.

Miyao maintains backs control and Alarcon stands to his feet. Miyao locks the standing rear naked choke and gets the tap.

Miyao wins via submission

Match 2- Ashley Williams vs. Rafael “Barata” Freitas

Barata attempts a guard pull, but now Williams is working on the pressure passing game that he’s known for. Williams is physically so much stronger than Barata and he is bullying him. Williams takes Barata’s back and scores a rear naked choke with ease.

Williams wins via rear naked choke

Match 3- Joao Miyao vs. Rafael “Barata” Freitas

Unfortunately more connection issues here, but as our player starts working, Joao was deep on an inside heel hook and it looks as though he’s damaged Barata’s knee.

Joao Miyao wins via heel hook

Match 4 – Ashley Wiliams vs. Richard Alarcon

Ash Williams is huge next to Alarcon. Alarcon earns a point for a near takedown. Wiliams gets a pass and almost a back attack, but Alarcon stays composed and defends well.

It’s 2-1 to Williams, but Alarcon gets a darce in a scramble. Williams defends well and escapes but the ref deemed it close enough to give Alarcon a point. Alarcon gets another point in a scramble and now he’s up 3-2 (this scoring system makes play by plays very difficult).

Alarcon wins 3-2

Match 5 – Ashley Williams vs. Joao Miyao

Williams needs a submission or he’s out. Miyao immediately pulls guard (surprise) Williams drops back for a leglock attempt but he’s not awarded the point for it. Williams gets a nasty heelhook attempt and he looks like he’s close to hurting Miyao, but Miyao doesn’t tap. Williams earns a point.

In the dying seconds Miyao attacks a toehold and Williams attacks a heelhook but weirdly the judges only award Miyao a point.

The match ends in a tie and Miyao goes through to the final.

Group B

  • Jon Calestine 
  • Geo Martinez 
  • Masakazu Imanari
  • Edwin Junny Ocasio

Match 1 – Geo Martinez vs. Junny Ocasio

10th Planet’s best faces a unity standout in this match and it will be interesting to see how Geo looks with ADCC just around the corner. Ocasio sits guard and in a scramble scores 2 points from a sweep.

Ocasio looks great through out the remainder of the match, playing a very tactically strong guard game. scoring another 2 points near the close of the match.

Ocasio wins 2-0

Match 2- Masakazu Imanari vs. Jon Calestine

This is an interesting one! Calestine is a great grappler who has struggled with injuries over the years and Imanari is a legend. As expected Imanari attacks for the leglock immediately. Calestine is looking to re pummel. Very even match here with neither man able to get to their preferred entanglement.

Calestine gets two points for coming up on top and transitions to a heelhook and gets the tap.

Calestine wins via heel hook

Match 3 – Geo Martinez vs. Masakazu Imanari

Geo Martinez really needs a submission in this one. Martinez scores two points early for the sweep. Geo enters the Truck and comes close with a calf slicer, but Imanari won’t tap so Geo takes his back instead.

Geo spends the rest of the match alternating through truck, buck and back attacks. Geo thought about a twister but couldn’t finish it. It was a great performance for Geo though.

Geo Martinez wins 7-1

Match 4 – Junny Ocasio vs. Jon Calestine

This match starts with two consecutive double guard pulls. Calestine goes for a rolling guillotine and earned 1 point. Ocasio rapidly earns 3 points of his own for a sweep and sub attempt. Calestine earns another point for an attempted guillotine.

Great match here Ocasio comes up and gets a takedown and the crowd goes wild. Ocasio wins.

Juny Ocasio wins 5-2

Match 5 – Masakazu Imanari vs. Junny Ocasio

Junny has to be the big favourite here, but you can never write off Imanari. Imanari is giving up position a lot here and falling to his own back and has already given 4 points.

This match was pretty much as expected Ocasio just dominated the points and won with ease and he’ll meet Joao Miyao in the finals.

Junny Ocasio 7-1

Match 6 Geo Martinez vs. Jon Calestine

This is a rematch of the EBI 15 final. Geo Martinez will be eager to get redemption. We start with a double guard pull and another one happens once the ref stands them up. A second stand up is followed by another double guard pull and both fighters receive a warning.

This match ended up being quite reserved. Calestine was happy to remain safe and ride out the clock to earn a tie and secure his place in the 3rd place play off.

Calestine v.s Martinez ends in a draw.

Bantamweight Tournament 3rd Place Match – Jon Calestine vs. Richard Alarcon

Calestine sits guard and begins to play around with an instep hook. Alarcon stands while Calestine butt scoots and tries to initiate grips. Alarcon is being conservative, but he capitalizes on a Calestine guard pull and forces points for the takedown.

Calestine pushes the pace, but Alarcon lands another sweep and earns another 2 points and it’s game over. Alarcon wins the 3rd place play off.

Alarcon wins 4-0

Bantamweight Tournament Final – Joao Miyao vs. Junny Ocasio

Miyao sits guard and Ocasio tries for a kneebar immediately. Miyao comes up and scores 2 points. Miyao sits in Ocasio’s closed guard and Ocasio is now trying to invert into a leg entanglement. Ocasio gets a decent entry and earns a point.

Ocasio is being active from his back, but Miyao is too saavy to his attacks. Miyao starts trying to work for a pass, but they both seem to be cancelling each out out.

Miyao wins 2-1 and becomes the Kasai champion.


Kaynan Duarte vs Patrick Gaudio

Kaynan is the man to beat right now. It will be interesting to see what Gaudio can do in this one.Duarte immediately starts to play from the seated guard. Duarte stands to a single leg and scores two points. Gaudio is trying to maintain closed guard, but Duarte breaks free and stands.

Duarte is looking safe while still attacking, he’s had some submission attempts and earned some more points. It’s 4-1 and Kaynan i simply too much.

Gaudio put it all on the line and came close for swinging to Duarte’s back , but Duarte gets the win.

Kaynan Duarte wins via points.

Matheus Diniz vs Josh Hinger

Diniz will be eager to earn the win in this rematch, but the Matburn podcast host, Hinger, will be hard to defeat. This match is mainly taking place on the feet with Hinger looking to score a snap down to setup his famous guillotine.

Hinger pulls guard and threatens with an inverted armbar. Diniz eventually gets to half and locks a headlock in place and threatens a japanese necktie. Diniz attampts to take Hinger’s back, but Hinger sends and sends Diniz back to the mat with force.

Hinger attempts a flying armbar misses and lands badly on his head. Diniz immediatly passes his guard, takes his back and chokes him out.

Diniz wins via rear naked choke

Tom DeBlass vs Nick Caggia

Tom DeBlass wins via kneebar

Jonavin Webb vs Murilo Santana

Murilo is focusing on posture control and some attacks from his closed guard. Murilo snags a leglock attempt during a scramble and earns a point. Santana pulls seated guard again, but Webb almost passes his guard.

Murilo scores a beautiful sweep and mount in the final minute to win the match.

Murilo Santana wins 7-0


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