Kasai Pro 7 Final Entrant Announced As Kyle Boehm

Kasai Pro 7 is a grappling event that will take place on February 1st in Dallas, Texas. American grappler Kyle Boehm joins Kasai Pro 7 as the final addition alongside Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu, Nick Rodriguez, Patrick Gaudio, Bruno Bastos, Joao Gabriel Rocha, Kaynan Duarte, Vinny Magalhaes and Lucas ‘Hulk’ Barbosa.

After only picking up BJJ in 2014, Boehm took to the sport at an alarming rate. This resulted in him being awarded his black belt in October 2019 after a superb performance in the BJJ Fanatics Brown Belt Grand Prix. He was awarded his black belt and is coached by John Botello. Botello is a black belt under Eddie Bravo, and the head coach at the 10th planet Academy in Phoenix.

After doing well on his local competition scene he moved on to professional level submission-only events in 2016. Already he is quickly becoming a rising success, which has lead to his inclusion in an excellent tournament like this. Not to mention his invitation to compete on Submission Underground 11 in a tag-team match alongside Vinny Magalhaes where they will both take on Nick Rodriguez and Craig Jones. Submission Underground 11 takes place shortly after Kasai Pro 7, on February 23rd.

It will be interesting to see how the Kasai Pro 7 Heavyweight tournament unfolds because it could lead to Nick Rodriguez and Kyle Boehm facing off twice in the same month. Due to both fights being in such a short proximity of one another, it would be interesting to see how the loser adapts their gameplan for the potential rematch.

Although, after beating both Hulk and Tex (for the second time) in the final two rounds of the BJJ Fanatics Black Belt Grand Prix as he took home the title back in November – self confidence must be at an all time high for Boehm.

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