Kasai Pro 7 Full Results and Review

Kasai Pro 7 was another big hit for one of the most respected grappling promotion’s out there. The event featured a superb Heavyweight Tournament with eight of the best and biggest grapplers on the planet. The event suffered a last minute change as Paulo Azambuja stepped in to replace his teammate and veteran competitor Patrick Gaudio, but that didn’t hurt the star power of the event in the slightest.

The Heavyweight Championship delivered the rematch that everyone’s been wanting since ADCC 2019 between Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu and Nick Rodriguez, while also featuring yet another strong showing by one of the best new black belts around, Kyle Boehm. This was combined with a full undercard and three superfights, one being between two of the most exciting grapplers around, Dante Leon and Renato Canuto.

As with all Kasai Pro Tournaments, the competitors were split into two groups of four to compete in a round-robin format. Winning by submission earned them three points, a decision earned two points and a draw would net one point for each competitor. The winner of each group would then progress on to the final while the second-placed in each group would then compete in the third-place playoff.

Kasai Pro 7 Group Stages

Group A

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu defeats Bruno Bastos via Points. (2 Points)
Vinny Magalhaes and Nicky Rodriguez Draw. (1 point each)
Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu and Nicky Rodriguez Draw. (1 point each)
Bruno Bastos wins – Vinny Magalhaes injured. (2 points)
Nicky Rodriguez defeats Bruno Bastos via Heel Hook. (3 points)
Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu wins – Vinny Magalhaes injured. (2 points)

Group B

Kyle Boehm defeats Joao Gabriel Rocha via Heel Hook. (3 points)
Lucas Hulk Barbosa defeats Paulo Azambuja via Points. (2 points)
Joao Gabriel Rocha defeats Paulo Azambuja via Arm Triangle (3 points)
Lucas Hulk Barbosa defeats Kyle Boehm via Points. (2 points)
Kyle Boehm defeats Paulo Azambuja via Penalty. (2 points)
Lucas Hulk Barbosa defeats Joao Gabriel Rocha via Points. (2 points)

Final Group Standings

Group A
Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu – 5 points.
Nick Rodriguez – 5 points.
Bruno Bastos – 2 points.
Vinny Magalhaes – 1 point.

Group B
Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa – 6 points.
Kyle Boehm – 5 points.
Joao Gabriel Rocha – 3 points.
Paulo Azambuja – 0 points.

Third Place Playoff

Nicky Rodriguez defeats Kyle Boehm via Points.

Kasai Pro 7 Heavyweight Final

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu defeats Lucas Hulk Barbosa via Points.

Super Fight Results

Raquel Canuto defeats Gabi McComb via Rear Naked Choke.
John Combs defeats Pedro Rocha via Guillotine Choke.
Dante Leon defeats Renato Canuto via Points.

Undercard Results

Vernon Lewis defeats Thomas Gentille via Points.
Sal Martinez defeats Dulce “Flaco” Flores Jr via Points.
Stephen Hall defeats James James Markle via Triangle Choke.
Andrew Tackett defeats Jeremiah Mendez via Rear Naked Choke.
Michael Esquivel defeats Benjamin Annunziato via Rear Naked Choke.
Leonardo Machado defeats Mike Anderson via Paper Cutter Choke.
Samuel Nagai defeats Damion Oranday via Triangle.
Anthony Cronce defeats Kevin Holland via Penalty.
Kecia McKenzie defeats Erica Barnes via Points.
Vinicius Agudo defeats Diego Santana via Points.
Igor Paiva defeats Andre Gomes via Referee Decision.
Kody Steele defeats Camron Couch via Points.
Rafael Formiga defeats Rafael Lang via Points.
Alex Martins defeats Michael Foster via Points.

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