Lachlan Giles Shows How To Defend The Single Leg X Sweep

Lachlan Giles is one of the best leglockers in the modern game and realistically, one of the best all-round grapplers on the planet, here he shows us the best way to defend against the Single Leg X Sweep. While it’s not a guard that he uses all of the time as he’s gone on record as stating that his favorite guard for leglocks is the K Guard instead, it’s still a very common leglocking position and is one that is frequently used in IBJJF competition thanks to both Heel Hooks and Knee-Reaping not being allowed.

Realistically, Giles has more than proved his efficacy as a grappler, especially considering his incredible run through the Absolute bracket at ADCC 2019, despite competing under 77kg. In fact, the only man able to stop his run was none other than one of the greatest No Gi grapplers of all time, Gordon Ryan. He’s even broken down that match with Gordon Ryan and explained his thought process during the match as he was hunting for the Heel Hook finish in what would have been his biggest victory of the tournament. As it happened, he would have to settle for beating the 99kg+ ADCC Champion, Kaynan Duarte instead. This alone should show that Lachlan Giles knows a little more than a thing or two about Single Leg X and his defense to the most common sweep from that position is well worth a watch.

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Lachlan Giles Defend Single Leg X Sweep

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