Learn The Disrespectful Triangle From Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall is just as well known for his Triangle Choke proficiency as he is for his 50/50 skills and heel hook entries at this point. It seems like he’s decided to combine the two areas of BJJ that he excels in to create one absolutely brutal submission, The Disrespectful Triangle. This choke is done from Hall’s favorite position, 50/50 and although it might seem crazy, it’s basically a Triangle Choke where you keep the opponent’s leg inside the Triangle.

As Ryan Hall explains in the above video, attempting to remain seated in 50/50 and trying to pull your opponent’s head into the Triangle Choke is relatively ineffective and most grapplers will see this coming a mile off. Instead, Hall comes up from 50/50 and places the inside foot in the space between his opponent’s head and shoulder which then allows him to roll through and lock up the Disrespectful Triangle Choke.

This kind of innovation in BJJ is exactly why Hall has historically had great difficulty in finding opponents, he’s so unpredictable on the ground that even some of the best Featherweight and Lightweight fighters in the UFC are wary of matching up against him. The danger he presents on the ground is only half of the story however, as he’s also started to develop his striking game into a truly unique style that has added a whole other aspect to worry about when fighting him.

He did finally get the high-level matchup he deserved in the form of Ricardo Lamas at UFC Fight Night 174 but sadly, this event has been postponed indefinitely due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic.

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Ryan Hall triangle
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