Learn The Heel Hook Entry Craig Jones Used Against Vinny Magalhaes

Every single one of us has seen the absolutely devastating Heel Hook that Craig Jones used against Vinny Magalhaes at Submission Underground 13 by now and the above video is a perfect breakdown and demonstration of the entry that Jones used to secure the submission finish. When the match was first announced, Magalhaes immediately started his usual refrain about leglocks not actually working and that an elite grappler like him would not be caught with one. Obviously hindsight is 20/20 and those comments really don’t look so good after getting your leg royally wrecked by a heel hook.

Craig Jones is well known for his proficiency with heel hooks and the variety of heel hook entries that he has in his arsenal, something that his longtime friend and training partner Lachlan Giles has also used to achieve fantastic results in elite-level competition. Interestingly, Giles has openly said before that his favorite guard for leglocks is actually the K-guard whereas the finish that Craig Jones got against Vinny Magalhaes actually started from a shallow De La Riva hook instead, followed by switching the grip on the heel to a gable grip around the knee as well.

It’s not just K-guard and De La Riva that Craig Jones can secure the heel hook from either, he’s previously sat down with Bernardo Faria to talk us through a game-changing entry from butterfly guard too.

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Craig Jones Heel Hook Entry Vinny Magalhaes Submission Underground 13

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