Learn The Secrets of Renato Canuto’s Cartwheel Guard Pass

Renato Canuto is undeniably one of the most exciting grapplers in the world. Recently, Canuto released a clip from his new “Overpowered Passing” instructional that is available through Jiu Jitsu X. In the clip, Canuto gives the details of his trademark high-flying cartwheel guard pass. The video also includes match footage showing Canuto flying over guards using exactly that technique in both gi and no-gi competition.

A cartwheel guard pass is a flashy technique; it would be easy to assume that such an acrobatic move requires a great deal of athleticism. Indeed, explosivity and athleticism helps, but as Canuto explains in the clip, all the pass really requires is an understanding of the technique, the opponent’s reaction, and a little jump.

To set up the pass, Canuto pushes on his opponent’s shoulders, forcing him to crunch forward in reaction. Next, he fakes another push, reaches both arms behind his opponent’s body, and simply hops over. As Canuto explains, a full, flying cartwheel isn’t entirely necessary. One need only jump high enough to clear his opponent’s arms. With this short clip, even the most beat-up or injured jiu-jitsu players can be flying (or hopping) over their opponent’s guard with style.

Canuto is an IBJJF world no-gi champion, and has competed extensively as a black belt across a wide variety of competitions, including submission-only matches and the ADCC championship. He holds recent notable wins over Johnny Tama, Oliver Taza, and Dante Leon.

Ben Coate

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