Megadeth Guitarist Dave Mustaine Promoted to Purple Belt in BJJ Aged 59

Heavy metal guitarist Dave Mustaine was promoted to purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu a few days ago at Gracie Barra Spring Hill from his coach Reggie Almeida. Mustaine is renowned as the original lead guitarist of 80’s American heavy metal band Metallica, and is the current vocalist and lead guitarist for heavy metal band, Megadeth. The Megadeth guitarist is also trained in a variety of other martial arts. Alongside his BJJ purple belt, Mustaine also holds black belts in Ukidokan Karate (1st deg) Songhai Taekwondo (1st deg), and World Taekwondo Federation (4th deg).

@gbspringhill “After 2 years as a blue belt and hard training and lots of ups and downs today I had the honor to promote Mr @davemustaine to his well deserved purple belt ! Congratulations kid !!!“

After claiming he has three black belts on Twitter and is training for a fourth, excited fans quiz Mustaine, “Holy smokes! Three black belts?! Best of luck with the 4th one. So what style is this one for? And the other 3?” Mustaine replies, “Brazilian JiuJitsu. The others are Ukidokan Karate 1st deg, Songhai Taekwondo 1st deg., and World Taekwondo Federation 4th deg. I’m a white belt currently in BJJ, but I can take wearing a white belt again.”

Two years ago Mustaine received the first stripe on his blue belt and two years later in January 2021 he’s been awarded his purple belt.

Not only does Dave Mustaine have three black belts in other martial art disciplines, but he is also now ranked purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at aged 59 – you truly are never too old. Go and get that black belt Dave Mustaine!

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