Melqui Galvao explains why Mica Galvao chose ADCC over CJI

Melqui Galvao explained why his son, Mica Galvao, has chosen to compete at ADCC 2024 over the inaugural CJI.

Mica Galvao is undeniably one of the top pound-for-pound grapplers in the sport today, so it’s no surprise that he received an invitation to compete at the inaugural Craig Jones Invitational (CJI). However, the 20-year-old Brazilian has declined that invitation and the chance to win a $1 million prize (and guaranteed $10,000 for competing) in favor of returning to the ADCC World Championships.

In a recent interview with Resenha BJJ, Galvao’s father and coach, Melqui Galvao, explained the decision to pick ADCC over CJI.

“We actually received the invitation from Craig. As I was talking there, I think his idea is fantastic. Giving a million dollars to one class and a million dollars above that. It’s going to make the competition better, it’s going to make the sport grow. But I do not agree that it should be the same weekend as ADCC. I think if he put it for a week later it would be perfect.

“But, speaking of Mica, we’re after years of his legacy. Mica is 20 years old and we really believe that he will compete until he is 35 years old. So he has a career of at least 15 years, and we believe that he is going to make much more than a million dollars over 15 years, so Mica is doing to do ADCC this year.”

At just 20 years old, Mica Galvao already boasts an incredibly and long list of accomplishments at the highest levels of BJJ competition. He is a 2022 ADCC silver medalist, the current Who’s Number One welterweight champion, and in 2024, has completed the IBJJF grand slam in the gi. He holds notable no-gi victories over the likes of Dante Leon, Jay Rodriguez, PJ Barch, and Renato Canuto.

With Galvao returning to the ADCC World Championships in 2024, he remains one of the 77kg favorites. And, if reigning 77kg ADCC champion Kade Ruotolo opts to compete at ADCC rather than CJI, Galvao will undoubtedly be hungry to avenge his 2022 ADCC final loss to the American. Currently, Ruotolo is slated to defend his title at the 2024 ADCC World Championships.

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