Mikey Musumeci Enters Heavyweight Division at IBJJF Pans

Continuing his recent trend of eschewing weight classes in search of stiffer tests, Mikey Musumeci is entering the heavyweight division at the IBJJF Pans. This year Pans are being held from the 18-22nd of March in Irvine, California.

In an Instagram post Musumeci explained that the decision was to help his team-mate, the streaking first-year black belt, Roberto Jimenez win his first Pans title. Jimenez is fresh off a recent run of superfights and dominating the IBJJF Kansas Open. Mikey plans to win his way through the division to close it out with Jimenez. It may also prove to be good preparation for Mikey’s upcoming match with Erberth Santos.

It’s not clear if Mikey will be following his recent trend (started at the 2020 IBJJF Euros) of entering the Absolute division as well. The heavyweight division is already a stiff test with a murderer’s row already signed up, including ‘Trator’ Vinicius Ferreira, Jackson Souza, Aaron ‘Tex’ Johnson, Adam Wardzinski and Tim Spriggs to name a few.

It looks to be a mammoth task for both Musumeci and Jimenez to make an undefeated run onto the finals for the close-out, but we’ve seen stranger things happen in BJJ, and if anyone can do it, Mikey can.


Joe Mills

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