Miyao brothers break ground on massive new academy in New Jersey

Paulo and Joao Miyao have secured a space for their new BJJ academy, Studio 1908.

Twin brothers Paulo and Joao Miyao have been two of jiu-jitsu’s most successful and active competitors over the past decade, and they are now ready to become academy owners.

The Miyaos recently announced that they have secured a space for their new jiu-jitsu school, Studio 1908. The academy is located in Jersey City, New Jersey.

In a previous Instagram post, the Miyao brothers explained the meaning behind the name Studio 1908, drawing inspiration from their Japanese-Brazilian roots.

“in 1908 the first ship with japanese immigrants landed in the port of santos. kasatu-maru was the beginning of everything. the immigrants arrived with the intention of working in agriculture, mainly in the huge coffee farms spread throughout brazil. my grandparents arrived years later and met when they were already here. the agricultural tradition, passed down from generation to generation, was passed on to my father by them. the agriculture always was a form of my ancestors express themselves. joão and i followed another path to continue representing our roots. we chose the martial art jiu jitsu and we will do our best to keep the tradition of hard work, honest and bravery.”

Both Miyao brothers are black belts under Cicero Costha and have spent the majority of their extensive competition careers representing that team. They have also trained extensively under Murilo Santana of Unity Jiu-Jitsu.

Beginning as early as their purple belt years, the Miyaos were revered for their elite berimbolo games, and are often credited as forebears of the berimbolo revolution in gi jiu-jitsu.

The twins will bring a wealth of elite competition experience to their academy. Between them, as black belts, they own three IBJJF world titles in the gi, four in no-gi, and an incredible nine Pan American championships in the gi.

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