Michael Jackson Impersonator Bulldog Chokes Drunk Man in Las Vegas

A Michael Jackson impersonator with martial arts skills bulldog chokes a seemingly drunk man wearing a “can’t fix stupid” sloganed t-shirt who tried to square up to him in Las Vegas. That is something I didn’t expect to hear or happen in 2022! Due to the controversial nature of Michael Jackson, Vegas MJ impersonators probably get drunk hecklers a lot more than they would like – and it must be difficult when the hecklers lash out in violence – however this heckler didn’t get very far.

As the heckler squares up to MJ and decides to throw a low leg kick at him, MJ gets in a beautifully timed foot sweep. From there he proceeds to mount position where he attempts to get an arm bar and then a triangle; after losing position he switches to a bulldog choke. After being bulldog choked by an MJ impersonator the guy starts to come back around and looks (understandably) very confused. It looks like the heckler messed with the wrong Michael Jackson. Hee hee!

The bulldog choke is a headlock. It is historically rare to see it in an MMA or BJJ fight due to the many counters, but with the right set up can be extremely effective. It was seen three times in UFC 181. Carlos Newton, Uriah Faber and Raquel Pennington all used the bulldog choke to finish their opponents.

The Bulldog choke was made popular by Catch wrestling which is another type of submission wrestling. Many people were introduced to the choke for the first time when Ben Askren used it in his UFC debut against Robbie Lawlor.

Below is a video of Nick “Chewjitsu” Alpin showing the bulldog choke and explaining how Ben Askren used the bulldog choke in his UFC debut against Robbie Lawler.

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