Nate Diaz tests positive – Masvidal fight cancelled?

In a recent post, Nate Diaz says he tested positive for elevated levels, and will not be attending the fight with Jorge Masvidal.

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This comes 10 days before the anticipated fight for the BMF belt. The fight is supposed to be the main event of the Madison Square Garden card, UFC 244, on November 2nd. Nate will apparently not be attending the event unless ‘UFC, Usada or whoever is F****ING with [him] fixes it’, and will not be waiting until after the fight when the results would otherwise be announced.

Nate thinks that tainted supplements is impossible, as he doesn’t eat meat, only eats whole foods and only eats natural food supplements. USADA suggested this might be the cause, but has yet to make a public announcement.

The Diaz brothers are famously anti-steroid, and this comes as a colossal surprise. What caused these raised levels, and if Usada can fix it in time for the fight, remain to be seen.

Robbie Diserens

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