Nick Rodriguez Receives Purple Belt on ADCC Podium

Nick Rodriguez is now a purple belt. He was promoted to the belt on the ADCC podium on Sunday by his coach Jay Regalbuto.

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Purple Belt Squad!!! @adcc2019

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Most of us are familiar with Nick Rodriguez’s story: former wrestler and freak athlete who recently started training jiu jitsu at the Renzo Gracie Academy. This year “Nicky Rod” competed in the ADCC Championship as a blue belt with under 2 years of jiu jitsu training.

With his punishing pace and incredible strength and speed, Nicky Rod was electric on the mats at ADCC. He defeated Mahamed Aly, Orlando Sanchez, and Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu before losing to Kaynan Duarte in the final. Not bad for a blue belt.

Of course, training with Gordon Ryan and learning from master coach John Danaher probably helps. With his purple belt in tow, Nick Rodriguez can head back to the Renzo Gracie basement and continue to improve at his shocking pace.

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