Nick Ronan Wins The Final Spot At The Polaris Absolute Grand Prix

Nick Ronan has officially won his place at the upcoming Polaris Absolute Grand Prix after fighting his way through a field of 32 competitors on a rainy Saturday in Bristol. Now that he’s made it through that first tournament, he get’s the chance to fight some of the best grapplers from across the world for right to be crowned the first ever Polaris Absolute Grand Prix Champion and walk away with £20,000 cash.

Nick Ronan might be something of an unknown to the casual spectator but he trains with some of the best grapplers available on a daily basis. The Renzo Gracie brown belt splits his time between training under John Danaher at Renzo’s New York and Matt Serra at Serra BJJ so he should be no stranger to the physicality of at least one of his fellow entrants, Nick Rodriguez. Considering Nick Ronan competes at under 70kg, he’s also the lightest entrant in the Polaris Absolute Grand Prix after taking that mantle from Nate Orchard.

The other five men who fill out the rest of the bracket will be just as tough of a test for the young Ronan and he will have to make his way past three of them in order to claim the crown. The other entrants are Patrick Gaudio, Freddie Vosgrone, Adam Wardzinski, Mike Perez, and the current favorite Kaynan Duarte. With the event just a little under a month away, Ronan and the rest of the competitors will be entering the final stages of preparation for the event.

“After an epic 32 man open weight contenders tournament, two of the lightest competitors made it to the finals.
@jedhue has shown that he is leading the next wave of British grapplers and scored some impressive wins today to make his way to the finals.
On the other side of the bracket, @nickronanbjj tore through his competitors and when he met Hue in the final, he navigated his way through the @grandunionbjj man’s dangerous leglock game and eventually landed a beautiful rear naked choke.
Move over @nateorch10p, @nickronanbjj is now the lightest man scheduled to appear in our absolute grand prix on April 4.”

For tickets to the live event at The International Convention Centre in Newport, Wales on April 4th, click here.

Nick Ronan Polaris Absolute Grand Prix

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