No Gi Pan Ams 2019 Review and Full Results

This weekend marked the 13th edition of the No Gi Pan Ams and had many first-time winners including Keenan Cornelius winning the absolute division. Arguably the breakout performance this year came from the man who actually beat Keenan in this year’s Super-Heavyweight final, Vinicius “Trator” Ferreira. Trator capped off a fantastic debut year at black belt by taking a decision in the final after beating Kaynan Duarte, Patrick Gaudio and Mahamed Aly earlier this year.

Lightweight was one of the more filled divisions that ended in something of an anti-climax with Atos taking home the top two spots as Athos Miranda and Fabio Caloi closed out the division. Sofia Amarante also emerged victorious in a small division at Light-Featherweight to take home her third gold medal at the No Gi Pan Ams.

A meeting between two of the best Featherweights in the sport, Paulo Miyao and Gianni Grippo, was expected to be one of the highlights of the tournament. That fell apart when Emilio Hernandez-Rodriguez put a spanner in the works by beating Grippo in the semi-finals. Miyao took full advantage and cruised to a comfortable victory, giving him his second gold medal at the No Gi Pan Ams.

Murilo Santana was the only other male repeat-winner as he showed that age is not a factor for the Unity Jiu-Jitsu founder. He and fellow Masters qualifier, Marcelo Cohen both took home gold at opposite ends of the spectrum, Heavyweight and Roosterweight respectively. Santana will be back in action soon at the ADCC world championships in the -88kg division.

Another athlete on the way to California in a fortnight, Aaron “Tex” Johnson, made very quick work of his first opponent before eventually losing 11-0 to Max Gimenis in the final at Ultra-Heavyweight. For more news on the upcoming ADCC Championships click here, or for full results of the No Gi Pan Ams 2019, see below:


Roosterweight – 1st – Marcelo Cohen, 2nd – David Zennario.

Light-Featherweight – 1st – Lucas Pinheiro, 2nd – Suraj Budhram, 3rd – Malachi Edmond & Taniel Jesus.

Featherweight – 1st – Paulo Miyao, 2nd – Emilio Hernandez, 3rd – Gianni Grippo & Thiago Abud.

Lightweight – 1st – Athos Miranda, 2nd – Fabio Caloi, 3rd – Fred Alves & Felipe Linhares.

Middlweight – 1st – Jeferson Guaresi, 2nd – Johnny Tama, 3rd – Felipe Cesar & Breno Maciel.

Medium-Heavyweight – 1st – Jonnatas Gracie, 2nd – Jake Watson, 3rd – Dylan Royce & Brian Beaury.

Heavyweight – 1st – Murilo Santana, 2nd – Todd Mueckenheim, 3rd – Ashur Darmo & Ronnie Pace.

Super-Heavyweight – 1st – Vinicius Ferreira, 2nd – Keenan Cornelius, 3rd – Devhonte Johnson & Frederik Vosgrone.

Ultra-Heavyweight – 1st – Max Gimenis, 2nd – Tex Johnson, 3rd – Paulo Brasil & Ryan Roach.

Absolute – 1st – Keenan Cornelius, 2nd – Felipe Cesar, 3rd – Tex Johnson & Devhonte Johnson.


Light-Featherweight – 1st – Sofia Amarante, 2nd – Fiona Watson, 3rd – Maria Fuschetto.

Lightweight – 1st – Amanda Alequin, 2nd – Talita Alencar, 3rd – April Parks & Jessica Cristina Santos.

Middleweight – 1st – Jaqueline Amorim, 2nd – Jessica Swanson, 3rd – Laurah Hallock & Bruna Maciel.

Medium-Heavyweight – 1st – Vedha Toscano, 2nd – Veronica Fernandez.

Heavyweight – 1st – Maria Malyjasiak.

Absolute – 1st – Laurah Hallock, 2nd – Amanda Alequin, 3rd – Vedha Toscano & Talita Alencar.

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