No Gi Worlds 2019 Results: Jessica Flowers v Heather Raftery

Jessica Flowers is doing just as well as most would have predicted at No Gi Worlds 2019. After a very strong performance in her first match against Jessica Lynn Guedry where she took the back early on in the match, transitioned to the spiderweb position and cut a comical figure as she waited patiently for Guedry’s grip to start slipping. It was only a matter of time from here before she extended Guedry’s arm for the tap.

When the Super-Heavyweight Jessica Flowers came up against the Featherweight Heather Raftery in the Semi-Finals the size difference was clearly going to be a factor from the outset. Flowers was able to bully Raftery on the feet, snapping her down and footsweeping her to go 4-0 up early in the match. She then worked systematically to pass her guard, work to mount and use a giftwrap grip to take Raftery’s back.

From there she used that grip to lock up a triangle choke from the top and immediately extended Raftery’s arm for yet another armbar finish. This books her a place in the finals and a shot at gold against Kendall Marie Reusing after she overcame three opponents on her own way to the final earlier today. This takes place after Flowers takes on a smaller division in her own weight-class, this will give her a fantastic shot at double gold this year.

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Alex Lindsey

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