No Gi Worlds 2019 Results: Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu v Devhonte Johnson

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu edged out Devhonte Johnson with a judges decision to secure his spot in the Openweight finals of No Gi Worlds 2019. Although Cyborg Abreu is a legend of the sport and a dynamic grappler, he is also a seasoned competitor. This means that he is ready to win at all costs, and sometimes this can lead to tactical, if a little uneventful matches.

Much like Johnson’s recent match at Polaris 12, most of this match played out on the feet. The two men were matched pretty evenly when wrestling as they traded collar ties and worked for the takedown. However, this time he was not as fortunate as he was against Arya Esfandmaz.

Again, there was a good deal of wrestling from the clinch, with neither fighter was giving ground. Basically the entire fight took place on the feet.The match ended with one point and two penalties to each fighter. The crowd waited to hear that in the end, the judges saw it Cyborg’s way.

He will move on to meet Victor Hugo in the finals after Hugo took out Marcelo Gomide in the most recent match of a thrilling run to the finals here. This marks an interesting turn of events as Hugo has the opportunity to set up another match with Cyborg this weekend when he fights Vinicius De Barros for the right to meet him in the Ultra-Heavyweight division.

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