One Way to Help the Unpaid Substars Athletes & Charities: Buy “Pay Up B*tches” Blend

Yesterday we dropped the bomb that Substars won’t be paying its athletes, a fact made doubly sad when you consider that along with unpaid Substars athletes, Gordon Ryan was going to donate his pay to the We Defy Foundation.

Among the reactions to the news, Josh “Star Lord” Leduc announced a way to help those missing their promised payments. He is offering to give all proceeds of Wicked Warrior Coffee “Pay Up Bitches” Blend to the athletes and charities.

The product description includes the language: “The profit from the sale of this specially-created coffee will go to the unpaid fighters and charity that Substars f*cked.  We are proof that the bjj community is a family, and family takes care of their own.” Hopefully this can help the unpaid Substars athletes and all other associated with the event.

Leduc was heavily involved with Substars, donating his time, equipment, and effort to helping the event run smoothly. He is certainly not the only one who volunteered their time on Substars and is left in the wake of this disappointment.

As stated yesterday, we have reached out to Substars and are still awaiting comment.

Grappling Insider has no affiliation with Josh Leduc or Wicked Warrior Coffee and will not profit from any sales. This is simply a PSA for those who want to help.

Matt Peters

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