Polaris 10: Faber vs. Ryan, Live Results, Discussion and Play By Play

Join us today (Saturday, 25th) for live updates on Polaris 10 from The Light House in Poole, England. Polaris 10 features a stacked card of some of the biggest names in BJJ and MMA including Craig Jones, Matheus Lutes, Nicky Ryan and UFC Hall of Famer Urijah Faber.

Main Card

Urijah Faber v Nicky Ryan (c) – Featherweight No-Gi Title Bout

Faber is aggressive straight off the bat which encourages Ryan to sit to guard straight away. Faber is grip-breaking furiously and not letting Ryan really settle in on anything until he can finally get butterfly hooks in, Faber’s being aggressive with his control and pushing off Ryan’s head then getting a warning for striking as a result. Ryan shoots his hips underneath Faber a few times from here to try and elevate Faber but his base is just too heavy. Faber tries to stand up with an ankle-pick but Ryan pulls his leg away and re-establishes butterfly guard as Faber sits down, Faber starts bullying Ryan in the gripfighting exchanges again and it seems to be keeping Ryan at bay. Ryan stands to wrestle only to shoot his legs through to guard and try to go underneath Faber but he sits down immediately again to shut down any leg entries. As Faber stands to pass for the first time, Ryan inverts immediately and enters Inside Sankaku, he gets the second leg locked up quickly as well and rolls through to control both legs. Ryan goes for the outside heel hook as the first period comes to a close!

Faber spins to defend the heel hook and ends up out of bounds, they have to be dragged to the center of the mat in order for Ryan to keep the bite he’s got on the heel. Faber defends furiously and clears his knee line before standing up, Ryan follows him with a takedown attempt but doesn’t get close to finishing it before sitting to guard again. Ryan’s working from butterfly guard but Faber is blatantly stronger than him, again using heavy single collar clinches to control his neck at all times. Faber stands briefly again but has to sit once Ryan shoots forward in a seated guard, Ryan manages to elevate Faber briefly but his base is keeping him in top position very well. As he stands again, Ryan comes forward and Faber briefly attempts to jump over the top for a guillotine as the second period ends.

Faber sits down into Ryan’s butterfly guard again but he’s trying to use a chinstrap to pull his head down into a guillotine before standing to finish it. This time as he tries to sit on his feet to shut down his hooks like earlier, Ryan elevates him and spins under for a leg attack, Faber escapes quickly to safety and settles in to his butterfly guard again. Faber gets a chinstrap grip a little deeper this time and jumps clear over into a guillotine attempt but only briefly as Ryan escapes back to half butterfly this time. Ryan elevates and spins under again but Faber slips straight out of the heel hook attempt and settles in butterfly guard for the final time. Now there’s just enough timeleft for one more scramble before the klaxon sounds for the end of the fight, and the end of the night!

Nicky Ryan wins via Decision.

Matheus Lutes v Craig Jones (c) – Middleweight No-Gi Title Bout

Lutes starts with a strong inside single-leg attempt very early on and drives Jones out of bounds. They reset and as Jones makes a minor attempt on a footsweep, Lutes picks his foot up and transitions into the single-leg again but Jones manages to disengage. Lutes looks strong in the clinch as he breaks grips at will but he’s starting to slow down a little as they drift out of bounds and reset in the center. They continue wrestling in the clinch for a while before Jones sits to guard, he quickly transitions to Z-guard but Lutes is keeping his distance and managing to free his legs well as the first period comes to the end.

Lutes tries an Estima lock briefly but Jones is intent on playing his game by inverting to escape the footlock and recovering Z-guard well. Lutes disengages and repeats the process by going a bit deeper on an Estima lock before Jones inverts and triangles around both of his legs to get a really deep bite on Lutes’ heel. As he defends it he allows Jones to sit up and pass to half guard but Lutes escapes and stands back up quickly. Jones is happy to sit to his back, he’s trying to go underneath Lutes’ other leg but as soon as he gets a good grip on his foot, Lutes is disengaging entirely. Lutes starts trying to pass his Z-guard again and ends the second period on top in that position.

Lutes is trying to work his arm through to get the leg-lace position before Jones creates space to avoid the danger. Lutes is trying to pass from standing again but Jones’ inversions and the threat of his leg entanglements are forcing him to repeatedly disengage and get to safety. Lutes tries another Estima lock and gets a reaction from Jones so he can try to pass, but Jones stands quickly to wrestle with Lutes again. They clinch up and Lutes drives Jones out of bounds, once they reset Jones sits to guard with Lutes attempting a few flying guard passes unsuccessfully. Lutes tries another Estima Lock from inside Z-guard, but Jones inverts and nearly catches both legs at once before Lutes stands and escapes. They clinch standing and exchange collar ties as the klaxon sounds.

Craig Jones wins via Decision

Ash Williams v Ethan Crelinsten – Lightweight No-Gi Title Bout

Both fighters start aggressively but Crelinston is first to make a move witha quick trip takedown. Williams establishes butterfly guard as he lands and immediately starts elevating Crelinsten before he bases and ends up out of bounds. They reset in the center and Crelinsten goes for a takedown immediately, Williams sprawls and tries to force a pass to side control. Crelinsten creates space and he starts quickly inverting to the left and right to try and initiate a leg entanglement. Williams is staying on top in guard and starts a heavy pass that nearly earns him side control, Crelinsten manages to reguard quickly though. Williams accepts half guard but continues using a knee-slice pass, he’s trying to drive through Crelinsten’s guard confidently until Crelinsten catches a quick sweep. He inverts for a heel hook attempt but Williams defends well and settles into his full guard for a few seconds as the first period ends.

Crelinsten starts playing an open guard but Williams sits back into an outside heel hook attempt, Crelinsten doesn’t look fazed though and pummels free. Now he starts to work his own leg entry but after difficulty he decides to come up and starts passing Williams’ guard instead. Crelinsten sits back and both fighters start to lock in outside heel hooks at the same time! As they disengage a little, Williams manages to initiate a scramble and enter into the 50/50 position. Crelinsten works hard pummeling and tries a straight ankle lock attempt, Williams defends easily and counters by trying to take his back. As Crelinsten scrambles to defend the backtake he comes up on top and Williams manages to recover butterfly guard. Crelinsten then uses a head and arm control to pass over into side control and as the second period comes to an end, he works his way over into full mount.

Crelinsten steps over for a triangle attempt from mull mount but Williams defends well and gives up the crab ride instead as Crelinsten is working hard to take his back. Williams recovers guard but Crelinsten is starting to use double unders to take the back, Williams gets cut by a stray toe and the medic enters to tend to him briefly. As they reset, Williams gets a slick takedown and Crelinsten immediately shoots his hips up for the triangle choke. Williams avoids it and Crelinsten transitions quickly to a heel hook attempt instead but Williams clears his knee line quickly and gets a deep underhook on Crelinsten’s leg. Williams has a brief kneebar attempt before Crelinsten makes an attempt on his heel and they trade attacks for a moment. Crelinsten executes an excellent rolling back take, switching from mount to the back in seconds before Williams shakes him off and sits back into a leg entanglement again. They scramble and go out of bounds to be reset in the middle, Williams has a decent single leg attempt but he’s sprawled on hard. He pulls guard before sweeping Crelinston onto his back to end on top, again ready to knee-slice pass. Williams sits down on a heel hook attempt but the klaxon sounds for the end of the what definitely should be fight of the night.

Ashley Williams wins via Decision

Caol Uno v Leigh Remedios – Lightweight No-Gi Bout

Both fighters start by trading armdrags, then wrist-grips before Uno makes a decent single-leg attempt which pushes the fight out of bounds. They’re reset in the center and Uno pulls of an excellent arm drag, Remedious spins away from him but Uno follows and takes him down into half guard. Uno solidifies his position by pinning the far-side wrist for a straight armlock and Remedious uses his leg to keep his arm safe and recover a better position. Remedious starts using the lockdown to keep Uno from passing, he recovers closed guard and tries to sit up into him a few times before Uno breaks his guard. Uno steps into half guard again and starts working on the same straight armlock before Remedious spins under and tries to take the back. Uno evades this and manages to settle back into the same half guard position, pinning the far wrist while Remedious works the lockdown back in again. Uno quickly works on an americana attempt and as Remedious straightens his arm to defend it, he clamps down on the straight armlock for the tap instead.

Caol Uno wins via Submission (Straight Armlock)

Richie Martinez v Miha Perhavec – Middleweight No-Gi Bout

Perhavec starts the match with a quick hip-throw and lands in side control but Martinez works his way back to guard quickly. Martinez holds a kimura-grip and uses it to take the back before wrapping his forearm around Perhavec’s jaw. Perhavec stands but Martinez has that forearm deep around the jaw and squeezes hard for the finish in under a minute!

Richie Martinez wins via Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Ashley Amos v Nick Rodriguez – Catchweight (105kg) No-Gi Bout

Both fighters are happy to wrestle from standing and Rodriguez attempts a snap down but Amos defends well. They continue wrestling in the clinch before Rodriguez attempts another snap down. he manages to secure it this time and transitions to the back quickly. Amos turns and accepts side control instead. Rodriguez switches sides to contain him until Amos creates space and manages to get back to his feet. Both fighters move back to the center and clinch up again. Rodriguez explodes into a single leg and Amos shows strong defensive wrestling again before Rodriguez transitions to a fantastic fireman’s carry! He completes it strongly and settles into side control for a while before Amos manages to create space and get back to his feet again. Amos blasts forward with a double leg before going out of bounds without completing the takedown and being reset in the center. As the second round ends, Rodriguez executes another quick throw but Amos gets back to his feet immediately.

Rodriguez hits a hard blast double and when Amos sprawls he transitions to complete the takedown and settle into side control again. Amos again manages to escape to his feet after a little time in bottom side control. Amos commits to another takedown but travels out of bounds again, they reset and he blasts another double leg. This time Rodriguez sprawls and spins to take Amos’ back, they roll but Rodriguez sinks in his hooks and establishes a solid seatbelt grip. He sneaks the forearm under Amos’ chin for a deep rear naked choke and gets the tap!

Nicky Rodriguez wins via Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Preliminary Card

Kamil Wilk v Jeremy Skinner – Catchweight (68kg) No-Gi Bout

As they start, Skinner sits to guard immediately. Both fighters start pummeling their legs now, Skinner briefly goes for a straight footlock but Wilk pulls his leg clean out. As they continue pummeling, Wilk goes for a quick outside heel hook attempt but Skinner rolls immediately to free his knee. Wilk comes up with Skinner calmly stopping in seated guard and resuming the battle for the inside control position. They both pummel the legs quickly again before Skinner goes for an Estima lock, he transitions to an inside heel hook and bridges into it hard for the tap before the first period ends!

Jeremy Skinner wins via Submission (Inside Heel Hook)

Igor Terreco v Phil Harris – Catchweight (63.5kg) Bout

Terreco sits to guard immediately and Harris keeps his distance. As Harris engages and tries to power through his guard, Terreco manages to settle in half-butterfly guard, he’s framing off the far arm and creating space well. Terreco inverts and tries to attack the legs but as Harris escapes he counters by passing immediately, forcing Terreco to invert again to retain guard. Harris disengages and stands for a while, looking down at Terreco before grabbing a single collar and trying to leap around his guard. They scramble for a while until Terreco inverts again to try and attack the legs a second time. Harris manages to pressure Terreco into accepting an open guard briefly instead. Terreco starts climbing a leg up his back but Harris then stands up to start the second period on his feet.

Terreco inverts again but now his heel clashes with Harris’ nose and he’s caused a nosebleed! There’s a short break as the medic tends to him. As soon as they reset, Terreco pulls guard but this time Harris is ready and tries to step round quickly. Before he can pass Terreco creates space and stands up to wrestle but quickly decides to pull guard instead. Harris responds by trying another step around but this time getting far enough for an armbar attempt and Terreco manages to escape to standing again. After a few seconds Terreco sits to guard again but manages to hook one of his legs around Harris’ very quickly to initiate a leg entanglement and take the back. They roll for a while until Terreco manages to settle in his hooks, the referee then resets them in the center in the same position.

Terreco goes through to third period in a dominant position now but Harris is constantly trying to clear the feet. He eventually tries to stand up with Terreco on his back, they’re stood for a while until Harris twists to shake him off him. He drops to the ground belly down now but Terreco remains on his back as they roll out of bounds again, soon after the reset Harris stands up again and immediately drops for a toehold attempt with Terreco on his back and cranks it until the klaxon sounds!

Igor Terreco wins via Decision

Andy Roberts v Jeff Lawson – Catchweight (80kg) Gi Bout

As they start the second and final Gi match this evening, Lawson goes straight for a very strong guard pull and manages to attempt an armbar before switching into a reverse-triangle position as Roberts turns away from it. Roberts manages to escape that and create a scramble until Lawson settles in side control for a while until Roberts tries to escape again, Lawson transitions to his back this time instead. He starts to sink in a head and arm choke from full guard on Robert but he escapes this too and manages to pass to half guard before trying to secure a head and arm control position as the first period ends.

Lawson transitions to butterfly hooks and elevates Roberts to try and create space but Roberts controls him and passes to three-quarter guard before going fully to mount. Lawson is creating space again but they go out of bounds to be reset in the centre in Lawson’s full guard. Roberts then stands immediately and makes several solid passing attempts from the top but Lawson manages to contain him in half guard. As Roberts is settling here and trying to free his knee, Lawson turns for a solid sweep attempt. Roberts fights it off by standing, but Lawson performs a picture-perfect Harai Goshi and immediately and starts working on a baseball bat choke from the top. He can’t finish it but secures top position comfortably now and settles in side control again. Roberts starts to escape by coming up to a single leg this time before sitting back to half guard instead as the second period comes to an end.

As Roberts tries to sweep him, Lawson spins quickly for an omoplata. Lawson is holding onto his lapel in order to keep the submission for a while before Roberts finally rolls fully forward but as he does, Lawson goes straight to the back and sinks in his hooks. He starts trying to isolate an arm before quickly switching to an armbar from the back. Roberts is holding on to a solid grip for a minute or so until Lawson finally manages to break the palm-to-palm connection apart and fully extend his arm for the finish.

Jeff Lawson wins via Submission (Armbar)

Craig Ewers v Luiz Finnochio – Catchweight (76kg) No-Gi Bout

Finnochio hits a solid outside single leg takedown almost immediately as the fight begins and transitions straight to the back. He secures a seatbelt-grip for a while until Ewers manages to escape to standing, he’s not stood for long though as Finnochio dives straight on to his back again. He’s pulling him down and as Ewers rolls Finnochio is staying stuck to his back. Ewers makes another explosive escape and this time stays standing so Finnochio follows him up. Both fighters are clinching with purpose now as they approach the boundaries, Finnochio fires a blast double and catches Ewers unawares before the referee can stop them. Ewers defends and initiates a scramble before getting back to his feet, Finnochio follows him again as the first period ends.

Ewers immediately takes a single leg position and sweeps the other leg to land straight into a comfortable side control. He attempts a backtake as Finnochio turns before transitioning to the armbar for the finish halfway through the second period!

Craig Ewers wins via Submission (Armbar)

Konstantinos Chioutakis v Pete Robson – Middleweight No-Gi Bout

Chioutakis pulls guard and Robson reacts by jumping clean through to full mount! He starts setting up a head and arm choke by walking his hand up the mat, gripping it as he slides Chioutakis’ arm higher and higher. Chioutakis bucks strongly and throws Robson over into closed guard. They settle there for a while but as the first period ends, Robson has a solid triangle attempt and Chioutakis has to posture up strongly in order to defend it.

Chioutakis steps over and breaks through the triangle before transitioning to the inside sankaku, until Robson disengages cleanly. Robson doesn’t disengage for long however, he starts passing guard aggresively, straight into a deep half-guard position. Chioutakis starts threatening a kneebar from there and also tries to come underneath him for the sweep. Robson is holding a solid front-headlock position the whole time to prevent this, then powers his arm under Chioutakis chin for a D’arce attempt, they’re both exchanging submissions to prevent each other! Chioutakis tries to shoot underneath again, before managing to force both men to stand up. Robson then pushes forward, Chioutakis sits back to guard as the final period starts.

Robson manages to pass quickly from a standing position, securing a solid side control and crossfacing him. Chioutakis is trying to turn back into him but Robson is repeatedly containing his movements. He secures a figure-four grip on his opponents far side arm and he’s managing to extend it fighting against Chioutakis. He starts using a wrist lock to force Chioutakis’ arm into a Kimura, he’s got his arm fully isolated as he switches to a straight armlock for the win! That was lightning-quick!

Pete Robson wins via Submission (Straight Armlock)

Enrique Villasenor v Trevor Birmingham – Catchweight (63kg) Gi Bout

The first gi match of this evening starts with Villasenor pulling guard and taking collar and sleeve for a while, they both start using lapel grips briefly until Villasenor climbs his legs up Birmingham’s back and starts to lock in a good cross collar choke attempt from full guard. Birmingham escapes to standing and they go out of bounds, they’re reset and he starts to pressure Villasenor backwards. Villasenor aggressively pulls guard and starts attacking quickly and manages to land a solid arm drag, Birmingham disengages but Villasenor follows him with nearly scoring a collar drag as well, then throws him clean out of bounds as the first period ends!

They’re being reset in the center of the mat in Birmingham’s guard and he takes a collar and sleeve this time instead. Villasenor starts to sit back to a Toe hold position instead of trying to pass his guard, he’s threatening submissions from everywhere! Birmingham manages to escape the position and sit back to a leg lasso to start attacking Villasenor as the second period ends.

Villasenor manages to start to remove that leg lasso, he drives past Birmingham’s guard a lot quicker now and he really gets comfortable in side control. Birmingham’s fighting against the position for a while until Villasenor waits him out and glides over into full mount. Both fighters take a lapel grip again, but Villasenor is using his to make a solid choke attempt from full mount. As soon as the choke starts to become a real threat, Birmingham powers out and manages to recover three-quarter guard. Villasenor then settles on top, fighting for grips from top position before Birmingham makes one final sweep attempt to end the fight.

Enrique Villasenor wins via Decision

Spencer Hewitt v Michael D’Aguiar – Catchweight (63kg) No-Gi Bout

Both fighters are exchanging collar ties for a while until D’aguiar attempts an Imanari Roll. Hewitt evades and stays calm, but they both have a lot of respect for each other on the feet so neither fighter is committing to any takedowns in the first period.

D’aguiar pulls guard at the start of the second period and very quickly gets a good bite on the leg. Hewitt manages to escape to standing and D’aguiar comes up to trade single collar ties again. He pulls Hewitt into a front headlock and manages to trip him to the ground twice within a minute before they return to standing. Hewitt commits to a single leg takedown and D’aguiar counters with the threat of a high-elbow guillotine. Hewitt manages to escape the deep attempt to standing, and D’aguiar makes several aggressive guard pull attempts to finish the second period strongly.

Both fighters exchange collar ties again for a while again as we approach the middle of the final period, Hewitt attempts a takedown but D’aguiar gets back to his feet quickly. D’aguiar manages to pull off another imanari roll at the end of the fight but he switches from attacking the legs to climbing up the body and the fight ends with him working for a decent armbar attempt.

Michael D’aguiar wins by Decision.

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