Polaris 12 Results: Ashley Williams Breaks Richard Alarcon’s Arm to Become Champ Champ

Ashley Williams was already the Polaris Lightweight Champion after Polaris 10 and Polaris 12 results in him hunting for a second title. He was originally scheduled to face Joao Miyao before he was replaced with D1 wrestler, Richard Alarcon.

There was a big difference between this and their first fight, where Alarcon won by decision after a close match. You could’ve blinked and missed it, that’s how short the match was.

Both fighters came out aggressively in this rematch but it was Williams who scored the first takedown with an armdrag. He started to work for Alarcon’s back but was shut down, before switching to a heelhook attempt. Alarcon showed great defensive grappling to escape to standing as Williams quickly joined him.

Alarcon then shot for a low takedown which Williams defended before snatching a kimura and using it to try and take Alarcon’s back. As he defended the backtake, Alarcon ended up giving Williams better control over his arm. Williams used this to transition to an armbar and although Alarcon tried to work his way out, he was caught far too deep.

Alarcon still tried to tough the submission out but his arm jerks backwards and is clearly broken. The referee called the match there and immediately calls over the medical staff to take a look at Alarcon’s arm. They had to cut Alarcon out of his rashguard to administer first-aid as the finish played on the big-screen.

The crowd let out audible groans at the sight of Alarcon’s arm at an unnatural angle and Williams shows concern for his opponent. Naturally, he celebrates the victory and the momentous occasion of becoming Polaris’ second double-champ, after Craig Jones.

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