Polaris 20: USA Vs Brazil Results

British grappling promotion Polaris have been hosting the creme de la creme of events lately in the grappling world, especially when it comes to pitting different talents from across the globe against one another. Polaris Squads 3 in August 2021 saw Team USA Vs Team UK and Ireland, where Team USA defeated Team UK/Ireland 7-0, although Team USA didn’t quite manage to keep that momentum this time around.

Set in Newport, Wales on 26 June 2022 we saw two incredible teams go head to head in a battle of back and forth grappling exchanges with the top contenders of the sport displaying their talents in the fourth edition of Polaris Squads. Not only that, but arguably one of the most exciting superfight match ups of all time took place between UFC veterans Demian Maia and Benson Henderson. Maia was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

The two teams of eight fought for over two hours, and with the five minute sub only rules we saw a lot of (expected) draws take place due to the incredible high levels of the grapplers competing in the tournament, but fear not some submissions did take place. Mason Fowler paved the way for the USA and managed to get the first point for his team by finishing Kywan Gracie via arm bar, but Mica Galvao rescued Team Brazil by submitting Keith Krikorian via arm bar before winning the event for them by finishing him once again (but with a triangle this time).

Round 1 Results:

Luiz Paulo vs. Nathan Orchard – draw
Igor Tanabe vs. Hunter Colvin – draw
Marcelo Fausto vs. Geo Martinez – draw
Isaque Bahiense vs. Richie Martinez – draw
Mason Fowler def. Kywan Gracie via armbar
Mica Galvao vs. Keith Krikorian – draw
Diogo Reis vs. Nick Ronan – draw
Mason Fowler vs. Fabricio Andrey – draw
Jon Blank vs. Isaque Bahiense – draw
Mica Galvao vs. Geo Martinez – draw
Luiz Paulo vs. Nathan Orchard – draw
Igor Tanabe vs. Nick Ronan – draw
Keith Krikorian vs. Fabricio Andrey – draw

Round 2 Results:

Richie Martinez vs. Kywan Gracie – draw
Luiz Paulo vs. Jon Blank – draw
Diogo Reis vs. Nathan Orchard – draw
Hunter Colvin vs. Marcelo Fausto – draw
Mica Galvao def. Keith Krikorian via armbar
Mason Fowler vs. Igor Tanabe – draw
Mica Galvao vs. Nick Ronan – draw
Fabricio Andrey vs. Geo Martinez – draw
Isaque Bahiense vs. Hunter Colvin – draw
Luiz Paulo vs. Jon Blank – draw
Marcelo Fausto vs. Nick Ronan – draw
Mica Galvao def. Keith Krikorian via triangle
Mica Galvao vs. Mason Fowler – draw

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Team Brazil finishes the event 2-1 up and defeats Team USA to win Polaris 20!

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