Preview: Fight 2 Win 107 to feature Judo Olympian Rick Hawn, Ana Carolina Vieira v. Luiza Monteiro

This Friday, April 5, 2019 New England gets a taste of the BJJ fight scene.

Ana Carolina “Baby” Vieira (GF Team) v. Luiza Monteiro (Atos).

The main event pits Ana Carolina “Baby” Vieira (GF Team) against Luiza Monteiro (Atos). They will be at 145lbs in the gi. Vieira has the distinguished honor of having won IBJJF Worlds at every belt, including two consecutive wins at black belt. Notable wins over Raquel Canuto, Jessica Swanson, and Laura Hallock (the last two on her way to gold at Pan Ams last month).

Vieira will certainly be looking for the win, having lost confidence in the judge’s scorecards after her wife (Luanna Alzuguir) lost a contested split decision at F2W 106.

Monteiro will hope to seize this opportunity to prove she is the dominant grappler. The two have faced each other twice before, both time ending in defeat for Monteiro. She has also had success with IBJJF, earning every major title multiple times. Recently, she has defeated Monique Elias in the Pan Am finals to take gold in the medium-heavyweight division.

Rick Hawn v. Mooney Cole

The co-main event will feature a judo match between former Olympian Rick Hawn and Mooney Cole. Hawn has an impressive resume, including a tenure in Bellator, wins over Karo Parisyan and Shonie Carter. We’ll see if Mooney Cole can bring the fight to him.

The undercard is equally stacked. Gustavo Batista comes off a fantastic 2018, having finished the year with 42 wins and just 2 losses. He will face Horlando Monteiro, which will be a rematch after Batista triumphed in last year’s Pan Ams.

F2W to Feature Local Fighters

F2W 107 will feature a lot of local flavor, hopefully stimulating BJJ in northern New England. Rick Hawn teaches in Plaistow, NH, at Professional Martial Arts Academy (PMA). Tyler King and Maria Kipreos train at Connors MMA in Norwood, MA. Gilmar Santos, Everilton Soneca Silva, Tiago Alves, Ryan Clay, Gabriel Bryant, Charley Loeb, Jessica Campelese,Christine Brothwell, and James Downing train at NEU in Marlborough, MA. Marcus Silva of Worcester Judo will face Eugene Tunik of PMA. Tyler Thibailt also trains at PMA in New Hampshire. Michelle Marques de Oliveira and Cristina Monticelli train at Boston BJJ, while Chris White, Gregory Cinelli, Nicholas Mackland Rivera, and Sanderson Gragoso train at nearby Fenix BJJ. Jordan Boisvert trains at Triumph BJJ, who recently opened a new location in Amherst, NH. Luis Garcia, Ashley Cruz, Madeline Li, and Jon Hwang train at Mass BJJ.

Main Events:

Ana Carolina Vieira (GFT) v. Luiza Monteiro (Atos)

Rick Hawn (PMA) v. Mooney Cole (Mayo Quanchi)


Gustavo Batista (Atos) v. Horlando Monteiro (GD Jiu Jitsu)

Tyler King (Connors MMA) v. Nick Rodriguez (SJBJJ)

Andrew Jacobs (Team Force) v. TBA

Gilvan Costa (BTT) v. Pedro Agrizzi (Soul Fighters)

Gilmar Santos (NEU) v. Brian Caldwell (Brazil 021)

Everilton Soneca Silva (NEU) v. Joe Oppedisano (FIT Club)

Daniel Simmler (Absudo) v. Corey Guitard (10th Planet)

Marcus Silva (Worcester Judo) v. Eugene Tunik (PMA)

Lucas Cruz (Brazil 021) v. Jared Lawton (Lawton MMA)

Elyor Serikbaev (Pedros Judo) v. Serge Bouyssou III (Mayo Quanchi)

Matheus Gonzaga (Alliance) v. Felipe Simplicio (Soul Fighters)

Tiago Alves (NEU v. Pete Jeffrey (TriForce MMA)

Douglas Lemes (GFT) v. Lucas Dantas (KMR BJJ)

Ryan Clay (NEU) v. Pail Gorman (The Academy)

Tracey Goodell (CJJF) v. Amanda Buckner (The Academy)

Eduardo Barboza (GFT) v. Hiago Gama (Alliance)

Wilessa Rivera-Perez (JMJC/DSBJJ) v. Michelle Marques de Oliveira (Boston BJJ)

Preliminary (non-black belts):

Quentin Frost (Fuji Gym) v. Pat Higgins (Renzo Gracie)

Scott Gierlich (Gladiator BJJ) v. Troy Everett (Mile High Gracie)

Chris White (Fenix BJJ) v. James Downing (Team FLO/NEU)

Tyler Thibailt (PMA) v. Ray Shawdee (Robson Moura)

Haleem Syed (Pedros Judo Center) v. Saul Almeida (Alliance)

Joe Guidice (Squarred BJJ) v. Sanderson Gragoso (Fenix BJJ)

Aaron Benzrihem (Alliance) v. Gabriel Bryant (NEU)

Christopher Dejesus (ICON) v. Jordan Boisvert (Triumph BJJ)

Andrew Kimball (RMNU) v. Charley Loeb (NEU)

Leandro Rothier (FUJI Gym) v. Matt Cavanagh (Tim Burrill BJJ)

Gregory Cinelli (Fenix BJJ) v. Mike Hunihan (Soul Fighters)

Luis Garcia (Mass BJJ) v. Placido Santos (Fuji Gym)

Drew Yeadon (Tim Burrill BJJ) v. Joshua Parker (UFC Gym)

Jon Hwang (Mass BJJ) v. Angel Rodriguez (Ronin BJJ).

Jessica Campelese (Team Flo/NEU) v. Maria Kipreos (Connors MMA)

Ashley Cruz (Mass BJJ) v. Christine Brothwell (NEU)

Julia Balamante (Alliance) v. Cristina Monticelli (Boston BJJ)

Madeline Li (Mass BJJ) v. Nicole Leao (Brazil 021)

Logan Shattick (Abusado) v. Nicholas Mackland Rivera (Fenix BJJ)

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