Preview: Fight 2 Win 117

The Fight 2 Win Franchise returns on June 29th in San Diego, California.

The main event sees a clash of two of the biggest names in the sport.

Atos black belt Kaynan Duarte takes on Gutemberg Pereira. Duarte, who has only had his black belt for 12 months, comes fresh off a heavyweight IBJJF worlds win, the latest in a winning streak that includes KASAI pro 5 and the Abu Dhabi World Pro.

Duarte also has a previous win on F2W 113 against Craig Jones, winning with a slick backtake off Jones’ leglock entry. This is the first time Kaynan Duarte will face Gutemberg Pereira in a match.

Duarte faces Brazilian GF Team member Gutemberg Pereira. Pereira cemented his place on the world stage with a silver medal at Pans 2018, losing 2-0 to Leandro Lo in the heavyweight final. Pereira uses a style similar to team mate Rodolfo Viera, hitting takedowns and following them up with aggressive passing.

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Grande experiência que eu tive esse final de semana. independentemente do resultado eu estou muito feliz por tudo que eu treinei, dediquei e abdique antes da competição. Graças a Deus sair da competição sem nenhuma lesão e com muito mais maturidade como faixa preta. Obrigado a todos pelas mensagens, vocês são foda????????. || @albinoandpreto • @rvcasport • @thearmbarsoapcompany || Great experience this last weekend at Pans. Regardless of the results I am pretty happy with everything that I did before the tournament, I put a lot effort in all aspects of training and to make sure that all my teammates was ready to compete in their best. I left the tournament with a felling that I did my best but I still have so many things to work on. Thanks for all the messages from my friends and people that like my Jiu jitsu, you guys are great! @gfteamtoledo #ÉoBerg ???? @kosinskibjj

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Another highlight in the card looks to be Baret Yoshida vs Marcus Norat.

Yoshida is a veteran of the sport, having risen to prominence in the late 1990s and early 200s, earning second place at ADCC in 2001 and 2003. Yoshida comes off a loss on the F2W franchise against Hiago George on F2W Pro 112. Despite this, he has 7 previous wins on F2W shows.

Yoshida can be expected to follow his aggressive submission hunting style that earned him submission of the night breakdown on F2W 90. Yoshida faces another long term competitor, Marcus Norat, 2002 World Champion.

Notable female black belt Luiza Monteiro (Atos) takes on Jena Bishop of Alliance.

Monteiro has racked up a multitude of World Championships, taking home gold at the IBJJF Pan (2018) and World (2017) Championships. Bishop moved to Alliance just this year, and it remains to be seen if that will lead her to more gold medals. Bishop is a similarly accomplished grappler, with multiple IBJJF championships under her belt.

Overall, we can expect a great event. Watch it live on Flograppling.