Purple Belt Adam ‘Grizzly’ Wilson Fighter Profile


Name: Adam Wilson
Nickname: Grizzly Adam
Age: 28
D.O.B: 06/08/92
Nationality: British
Location: Southampton, England
BJJ Rank: Purple Belt
Height: 5’6
Weight: 60kg
Weight Class: Lightweight/ Featherweight

Fighting out of New Generation Martial Arts (NGMA) Southampton, England under Lukasz Chilarecki is submission hunter Adam Wilson. Adam Wilson is ranked purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and also has a history of other martial arts. Wilson was welcomed to the world of martial arts by being invited to a Kung-Fu lesson, from there he learnt about the other disciplines such as MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Adam reached purple sash (ironic) in Kung-Fu, before committing his time fully to BJJ. Having dabbled in and out of MMA, Wilson realised that BJJ was more for him and he has trained BJJ for over six years now.

At blue belt level, Adam competed a lot. He competed at most of the regional tournaments during blue belt, and even abroad in Paris for the 2017 Paris Open. Having had his purple belt for a year now, Wilson is itching to get back competing and to test it out. Wilson fights at Light/ Featherweight, however he says, “or rooster if i want to punish myself, it’s miserable trying to get down to 55kg.”

By the sounds of things, Adam doesn’t plan on making Paris his last overseas comp either, he has plans to continue doing regional shows, as well as international, and hopefully compete abroad again, “I’d like to go around to the regional competitions. You know things like your Surrey Open, Bournemouth Open etc. They’re really good, well-run competitions. I do want to get back on the internationals as well though, stuff like the British Open, and long-term maybe the Europeans. Stuff like that you know. I’d like to go abroad again because I’ve done one competition abroad. I did the Paris open, and that was really good. I’d like to travel more and do some more international tournaments.”

Adam’s favourite submission is mounted triangle or wrist locks, wristlocks because “I love how mad they make people” says Wilson. Wilson’s fighting style is a top player/ guard passer, aiming for a dominant round every time. If any promotions want to invite a savage lightweight top-game submission hunter purple belt then Adam is your guy.

Instagram: @grizzlyadambjj

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