Quick Results: Kaynan Duarte wins Kasai 5 Heavyweight Grand Prix

Kasai is probably the most underrated grappling organisation on the planet, but last night they put on another stellar show.Following on from Gordon Ryan’s appearance at the last Kasai, all the big names turned out for a stacked card on Kasai 5.

At Kasai 5, the starring attraction was the heavyweight grand prix, but before we get into that, let’s take a look at what else went down. In the main card super fights, we witness a strong showing from Marcos Tinoco as he defeated Romulo Barral. Another shining moment was Dante Leon’s submission over the incredibly talented Edwin Najmi.

The grand prix provided some interesting moments, but one of the big surprises of the night was Tex Johnson. Tex managed to submit Felipe Pena with an inside heelhook and make his way to the finals. Kaynan Duarte was the star of the night and he looked amazing throughout the event and even submitted Craig Jones.

Check out the main card results below:

Super fights:

– Marcos Tinoco def. Rômulo Barral by 4×1
– Mayssa Bastos def. Fiona Watson by RNC
– Dante Leon def. Edwin Najmi by RNC

Group 1 Matches

R1 Felipe Pena def. Valdir Araújo by 2×1
R1 Aaron Johnson def. Jackson Sousa by inside heel hook
R2 Aaron Johnson drew Valdir Araújo 1×1
R2 Felipe Pena def. Jackson Sousa by 3×0
R3 Jackson Sousa def. Valdir Araújo by 5×1
R3 Aaron Johnson def. Felipe Pena by inside heel hook

Group 2 Matches

R1 Craig Jones drew Pedro Marinho 0x0
R1 Kaynan Duarte def. Jon Blank by 9×0
R2 Kaynan Duarte def. Pedro Marinho by 11×0
R2 Craig Jones def. Jon Blank by RNC
R3 Jon Blank def. Pedro Marinho by armlock
R3 Kaynan Duarte def. Craig Jones by short choke

3rd Place Match
Felipe Pena was injured from his 3rd match with Aaron Johnson and could not return to the mat. Jackson took his place.

– Craig Jones def. Jackson Sousa by straight ankle lock

Final Match

– Kaynan Duarte def. Aaron Johnson by 6×1


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