Results: 2019 IBJJF Pan Ams: Black Belts – Leandro Lo, Lucas Barbosa

Women’s Absolute Qualifying Rounds:

Bianca Basilio def. Amanda Alequin via footlock

Carina Santi def. Claire-France Thevenon via choke

Alison Tremblay def. Hilary Vanorum via decision

Gabi Garcia def. Jessica Flowers via points (0-0, 3-0 adv.)

Maria Malyjasiak def. Larissa Campos via armbar

Ana Carolina Vieira def. Gabriela Fechter via kneebar

Quarter Finals:

Bianca Basilio vs Carina Santi – DNF

Nathiely de Jesus def. Alison Tremblay via armbar

Gabrielle Garcia def. Ana Carolina Vieira via points (0-0, 1-0 adv.)

Luiza Monteiro def. Maria Mayjasiak via kneebar


Nathiely de Jesus def. Bianca Basilio via armbar

Gabrielle Garcia def. Luiza Monteiro via choke


Gabrielle Garcia def. Nathiely de Jesus via points (0-0, 1-0 adv.)

Men’s Absolute Qualifying Rounds:

Devhonte Johnson def. Orlando Castilo via choke

Chad Hardy def. Melo Sturua via points

Francisco Iturralde vs Manuel Ribamar – DNF

Leandro Lo def. Devhonte Johnson via points (2-0)

Rudson Mateus def. Max Gimenis via points (0-0, 1-0 adv.)

Gustavo Batista def. Charles Macguire via choke

Felipe Andrew def. Daniel Speirn via katagatame

Gutemberg Pereira def. Hugo Ferreira via choke

Mahamed Aly def. Fernando Reis via collar choke

Lucas Barbosa def. Chad Hardy via arm triangle

Quarter Finals:

Gustavo Batista def. Francisco Iturralde via rear naked choke

Leandro Lo def. Rudson Matheus via decision

Gutemberg Pereira def. Mahamed Aly via points (4-2)

Lucas Barbosa def. Felipe Andrew via choke


Leandro Lo def. Gustavo Batista via points (2-0)

Lucas Barbosa def. Gutemberg Pereira via points (0-0, 1-0)


Lucas Barbosa def. Leandro Lo via split referee’s decision 

Women’s Black Belt by Division:

Roosterweight final: Mayssa Bastos def Serena Gabrielli via choke

Light-featherweight final: Amanda Monteiro def Talita Alencar via points (0-0, 1-0 adv.)

Featherweight final: Ffion Davies def Karen Antunes via points (4-2)

Lightweight final: Gabi Mccomb def Nikki Sullivan via choke

Middleweight final: Ana Carolina Vieira def Laura Hallock via points (12-0)

Medium-heavyweight final: Luiza Monteiro def Monique Elias via points (2-2, 2-1 adv.)

Female heavyweight final: Nathiely de Jesus def Talita Nogueira via armbar

Super-heavyweight final: Gabi Garcia def Carina Santi via choke

Absolute final: Gabi Garcia def. Nathiely de Jesus via points (0-0, 1-0 adv.)

Men’s Black Belts by Division:

Roosterweight: Cleber Sousa def. Hiago Gama via referee’s decision

Light-featherweight: Closeout between Joao Miyao and Hiago George 

Featherweight: Matheus Gabriel def. Jamil Hill-Taylor via points (4-4, 2-2 adv, 2-3 pen)

Lightweight: Levi Jones-Leary def. Renato Canuto via points 6-4

Middleweight: Isaque Bahiense def. Otavio Sousa via points 2-0

Medium-heavyweight: Closeout between Lucas Hulk and Gustavo Batista 

Heavyweight: Kaynan Duarte def. Adam Wardzinski via points (2-2, 1-0 adv.)

Super-heavyweight: Mahamed Aly vs Fellipe Andrew 

Ultra-heavyweight: Closeout between Ricardo Evangelista and Max Gimenis 

Absolute final: Lucas Barbosa def. Leandro Lo via split referee’s decision

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