Results and highlights: Team Kasai dominates AIGA Brazilian Qualifier

The talent-loaded Team Kasai dominated at the AIGA Brazilian Qualifier, securing a near-perfect submission rate across 21 matches.

Featuring a number of current world champions and some of the planet’s top pound-for-pound no-gi competitors, it’s no surprise that Team Kasai found plenty of success at the AIGA Brazilian Qualifier last weekend.

What might come as a surprise to some, though, is that the squad scored submission victories in all but one of their 21 total matches across two days of action.

The event took place on May 25-26, as eight seven-man teams competed for a spot at the $1 million AIGA Champions League tournament in 2025.

The AIGA format features teams of grapplers going head-to-head in a best-of-seven matchup. The individual matches consist of three five-minute rounds of action with a modified ADCC-style scoring.

Given the incredible success of Team Kasai, it’s difficult to pick one single standout performance.

In the 60kg division, reigning IBJJF no-gi world champion Junny Ocasio hardly broke a sweat with a trio of leg lock submissions, two of which he scored in the first round.

One weight class up, at 65kg, ADCC East Coast Trials winner Dorian Olivarez proved himself to be much more than just a wrestler as the young phenom picked up a pair of seated arm-triangle finishes in addition to a rear-naked choke victory.

Other notable performances belong to ADCC West Coast Trials champion Andrew Tackett, whose guard passing and back-takes looked unstoppable, as well as current Who’s Number One champion Pedro Marinho, who scored two wins via his trademark guillotine choke in addition to an ankle lock finish.

View the full team results from the AIGA Brazilian Qualifier below.

AIGA Brazilian Qualifier results



+91kg: Alan Magendzo def Fabio Dutra, Armbar

-83kg: Lalo Garcia Morato def Gabriel Alves, Omoplata

-70kg: Claudiney Xavier def Lucas Galbusera, Decision

-91kg: Nicolás Thorne def Felipe Boanada, Decision

-60kg: Gerlan Magalhães def Tomas Sánchez, Points
Rd 1 2-0, Rd 2 2-2, Rd 3 0-0 (1 pen)

-65kg: Lucas Cantó def Marcos Paulo Monteiro, Points
Rd 1 0-0, Rd 2 0-0 (3 pen), Rd 3 2-0

-76kg: Jefferson Pontes def Pier Paolo Chiappe, Decision
Rd 1 0-0, Rd 3-2, Rd 3 0-0 (1 pen)

Andinos def Luta Livre Brasil 4-3


-60kg: Junny Ocasio def Howard Fernandez, Heel hook

-65kg: Dorian Olivarez def Anderson Falcao, Katagatame

-83kg: Sebastian Rodriguez def Lucas Barros, Kneebar

-76kg: Andrew Tackett def Leonardo Domingos, RNC

+91kg: Roberto Jimenez def Elias Silvério, RNC

-70kg: Fabricio Andrey def Gabriel Souza, Armlock

-91kg: Pedro Marinho def Lucas Soares, Guillotine

– Kasai def Demian Maia 7-0


-70kg: Nikolas de Souza def Romulo Rocha, Anaconda choke

-65kg: Iago Siqueira def Jhonatha Frazao, Heel hook

+91kg: Eli Braz def Gustavo Henrique Santos, Katagatame

-91kg: Gabriel Brod def Fernando Reis, Points
Rd1 2-0, Rd2 0-0, Rd3 0-0

-83kg: Fabio Caloi def Miguel Rossato, Heel hook

-70kg: Ruan Alvarenga def David dos Santos, Points
Rd1 2-0, Rd2 0-0, Rd3 0-0

-60kg: Guilherme Oliveira def Hoanes Nacib, Heel hook

Team Vouk Elite def Untouchable 4-3


-60kg: Raphelson Tarcísio def Jonas Lisboa, Decision
Rd 1 2-0, Rd2, 0-0, Rd3 0-0 (1 pen)

-83kg: Iago Martins def Vitor Pantoja, Heel hook

-91kg: Eduardo Andrade def Cláudio Ribeiro, Heel hook

-65kg: Henrique Durans def Rickson Caua, RNC

-70kg: Kauã Gabriel def Yonathan Cárdenas, Points
Rd 1 2-0, Rd2, 0-0 (2 pen), Rd3 0-2

+91kg: Antonio Assef def Adam Nabawy, Kneebar

-76kg: Samuel Rocha def Nicolas Renier, Points
Rd 1 5-0, 0-0 (0-1 pen), Rd3 3-0

Pirâmide def Team Melqui Galvao 5-2


-91 kg: Roberto Jimenez def Alan Magendzo, Points

-65kg: Dorian Olivarez def Lucas Cantó, Katagatame

-70 kg: Fabricio Andrey def Lucas Galbusera, Armbar

-83 kg: Andrew Tackett def Lalo Garcia Morato, Triangle

-76 kg: Renato Canuto def Pier Paolo Chiappe, RNC

-60kg: Junny Ocasio def Tomas Sánchez, Aoki lock

+91kg: Pedro Marinho def Nicolás Thorne, Guillotine

KASAI def Andinos 7-0


-60kg: Guilherme Oliveira def Jonas Lisboa, Heel hook

-91kg: Gabriel Brod def Eduardo Andrade, Heel hook

-65kg: Henrique Durans def Aaron Nathan Silva, Armbar

-76kg: Matheus Ferreira def Samuel Rocha, Guillotine

83kg: Nikolas de Souza def Iago Martins, Points
Rd1 2-0, Rd2 0-3, Rd3 3-0

-70kg: Yonathan Cárdenas def David dos Santos, Points
Rd1 0-0, Rd2 0-0, Rd3 0-0 (2 pen)

o91kg: Elioenai Braz def Antonio Assef, Points
Rd1 2-0, Rd2 9-0, Rd3 0-0

Vouk def Piramide 5-2


-65kg: Dorian Olivarez def Jhonatha Frazao, RNC

o91kg: Roberto Jimenez def Elioenai Braz, RNC

-70kg: Fabricio Andrey def David dos Santos, Armbar

-60kg: Junny Ocasio def Guilherme Oliveira, Heel hook

-91kg: Pedro Marinho def Gabriel Brod, Ankle lock

-76kg: Renato Canuto def Nikolas de Souza, Tarikoplata

-83kg: Andrew Tackett def Matheus Ferreira, RNC

Kasai def Vouk Elite 7-0

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