Review: Elite Sports Ultra Light BJJ Gi

As a person who trains in the gi regularly, I am extremely picky when it comes to fit, style, and quality.

Elite Sports is a fairly well-known brand, and their prices are way below what I consider normal for a good quality gi. However, I hate to not give a good deal a chance.

Key specs:
FabricAntibacterial, Lightweight, Pre-Shrunk
Side-Slit DesignErgonomic function, range of motion
Antimicrobial Inner LiningSweat wicking, Anti-Odor
IBJJF ApprovedSuitable for all martial arts tournaments
Comfortable and SecureDrawstring pant closure, Free white belt

First and foremost, I need my gi to fit. I was sent an A1, which is what I normally wear (my favorite gi is a simple Fuji, actually). This was way too big. Excuse my terrible photography skills and see why you should order a size down below:

As you can see, there’s way too much fabric around that drawstring. I’m definitely concerned a pantsless roll would be in my future without some serious shrinking of this gi.

It also comes with a free white belt! Cool, if you’re a white belt. A waste of fabric/packaging if you’re anything higher. Luckily, I had a kid in my class who could use a new, shorter belt.

The jacket fit pretty well, also ran a bit big. Since this is preshrunk, I’d recommend sizing down right off the bat, and not relying on your dryer to save you.


If pink is your color, or you’re doing a breast cancer awareness event, you can’t beat this gi. The color is bright and you’re guaranteed to stand out. The patches look pretty slick without hitting you over the head with Elite branding.


For just over $50, this is a pretty decent gi. I would recommend it for someone just starting out. However, the pants material was a little odd – probably a function of the sweat-wicked, antibacterial fabric. If they’re saying these pants will help protect me from staph, it’s worth a shot! If they were smaller, I’d have a better idea whether or not the material was restrictive. It felt almost tarp-like, like water would just bead off of it.


All said and done, I’d recommend this to someone starting out, or in need of a spare gi to save on laundry. It comes in a variety of colors, so don’t dismiss it for its color. Get a size down from what you normally wear.

Check it out here


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