Robert Drysdale Explains Visualization for BJJ

Robert Drysdale is a fourth degree BJJ black belt and one of the greatest American grapplers of his generation. He has medalled at the IBJJF World Championships several times, including taking gold back in 2005, and then winning the ADCC World Championships in the Absolute division in 2007. These accolades, coupled with a 7-0 (1) MMA record are what made Drysdale one of the most well-respected American grapplers of the last twenty years.

One of the biggest feathers in Drysdale’s cap was his submission victory over one of the greatest grapplers of all time, Marcelo Garcia, on his run to gold at ADCC 2007. Since then, Drysdale has focused more on coaching and has not only enhanced the ground game of MMA fighters like Forrest Griffin, Frank Mir, Randy Couture and Kevin Lee, but he’s also bred some impressively skilled BJJ competitors from scratch, like Rafael Domingo.

In the above video, Drysdale explains the power of visualization for BJJ. Visualization is one of the most criminally underrated aspects of sports performance and it’s something that many BJJ competitors will overlook, or denounce altogether. In times like now, where the vast majority of the BJJ community are completely unable to train, visualization has never been so important.

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Robert Drysdale BJJ Visualization

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