Royce Gracie Has Become A Reserve Police Officer

It’s an unusual turn of events, but multiple-time UFC Tournament Champion Royce Gracie has announced via his official Instagram page that he has now become a reserve police officer for Pocatello Police Department in Idaho. Even the most casual of MMA or BJJ fans should need absolutely no explanation of the man who paved the way for the UFC to become the globally recognised brand that it currently is. The news comes as Sao Paulo has begun to trial an unarmed police squad of BJJ practitioners, something that Royce Gracie would be a fantastic candidate to lead in the US if they ever decided to follow suit.

The Gracie family legacy started way before the UFC did and even before Royce took his first steps, although he would eventually catapult the entire family into super stardom after his flawless performance at UFC 1, only adding to their fame with his later appearances and further victories. He also played a role in another pivotal moment in MMA history, the legendary 90 minute fight between Kazushi Sakuraba that resulted in his corner throwing in the towel when they realised that Royce was physically incapable of taking any more punishment. This came after Sakuraba had already defeated Royler Gracie and he would go on to cement his legacy as “The Gracie Hunter” by beating both Renzo and Ryan Gracie after this as well.

The Gracie Family legacy is still well preserved in BJJ as Roger Gracie is still widely regarded the greatest competitor of all time, despite only having one match in the last five years and showing absolutely no signs of returning to competition any time soon. Meanwhile, the family is still finding success in MMA as well with Kron Gracie having made a good start to his fledgling UFC career and several other members of the family finding huge success in Bellator as well.

Alex Lindsey

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